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Inside Dentistry
September 2022
Volume 18, Issue 9

Ceramill® Matik

1. 10× DNA control unit—the control center. A 10-axis control unit with a high performance superhigh frequency spindle (100,000 rpm) facilitates milling, grinding, carving, and thrilling.

2. 26× tool tray—the tool manager. RFID-supported tool management with exchangeable tool magazines enables ongoing operation without manual intervention.

3. 36× blank tank—the material manager. RFID-supported stock management in the blank tank reduces setup times.

4. Matik supplies—the accessories manager. The essentials are at your disposal with storage space for the calibration unit, a blank holder, and more.

5. Ceramill cleanstream—the automation specialist. An integrated self-cleaning system with chip conveyor, coolant circuit, and extraction system ensure sustained and efficient production.

Ceramill Matik opens up a still unique segment within the digital dental world. As the first full-service unit, it combines three machines into one. Apart from the actual processing station, the system also performs the functions of a fully automated stock management system as well as a machine cleaning device.


Tool tray: holds up to 26 tools

Blank tank: holds up to 36 blanks

Spindle speed: 100,000 rpm

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