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Inside Dentistry
June 2022
Volume 18, Issue 6

A Full Array of Solutions for an Ever-Changing Clinical Field

Biotech Dental’s Kontact™ implant system facilitates seamless treatment integration

Miguel Stanley, DDS

When Miguel Stanley, DDS, graduated from dental school in 1998, he never could have imagined where his career would take him. In his experience, no matter how well that dentists try to plan for the future, there is no way to predict how the profession will change and what new technology will evolve. Stanley's approach, however, has always been to prioritize his patients by keeping his practice up to date regarding new science and technology, regardless of the monetary cost.

With rapid innovations in technology, the profession of dentistry has become more and more interdisciplinary in recent years. "Many dentists aren't comfortable looking outside of their own silos," Stanley says. "But what specialists need to understand is that general practitioners are taking over because technology is connecting more dots than ever before. If you are weaponized with an intraoral scanner and a cone-beam computed tomography machine, and you can sell and structure complex treatment plans, you should definitely pay attention to companies that are offering integrated solutions."

Stanley's interest in prioritizing the seamless integration of the various stages of a patient's treatment is part of what lead him to start working with Biotech Dental. The company first caught his attention when it acquired the Nemotec software line, which had become ubiquitous around the world for digital smile design and is now the strategic software behind Biotech Dental's surgical guide system. Soon after, Biotech Dental acquired the ATP38® Miracle photobiomodulation device, which Stanley uses in his clinic, and the company began to stand out to him as being particularly forward thinking and innovative.

Biotech Dental's Kontact implant system is an integrated implant solution that includes a variety of implants with a Morse taper connection, all of the necessary components for restoration, a guided surgery kit, an osteosynthesis kit, and more. Using an integrated solution can prevent issues that might arise when, for example, a patient's oral surgeon and restorative dentist are working out of separate offices and using components and materials from different systems. In this situation, problems with the fit between the crown and the implant can occur, which can lead to the development of peri-implantitis, the potential for fracture, and other failure modes. Stanley's practice, the White Clinic, often deals with the aftermath of such implant failures because its focus is on patients who Stanley refers to as "implant veterans," or those who are in need of a new implant to replace a previously failed one.

The Kontact system offers Stanley a wide range of implants that allow him to be more adaptable to the needs of these cases. In addition, Biotech Dental's new Kontact S+ implant has wider threads, which according to Stanley, work well for cases involving large extraction sockets and immediate placement and loading. "For me, having one company that can provide everything has made all the difference," he says. "I have one point of contact where I place my entire order, and all of my procedures are streamlined with software that does everything."

Practicing what Stanley refers to as "slow dentistry" has become an important factor that sets the White Clinic apart. The Slow Dentistry Global Network (, which he founded as a nonprofit in Switzerland in 2017, advocates for seeing fewer patients per day in order to achieve clinical excellence. In offering the kind of low-volume, high-impact dentistry that the White Clinic is known for, Stanley uses the most innovative technology and communication strategies available to create the best possible patient journey. "Solving very complex cases with good service and effective interdisciplinary treatment planning is very important," he says. "And I think that once dentists can fully appreciate how the different disciplines of dentistry, especially prosthodontics, implants, and esthetic dentistry, are all related, they will see that what Biotech Dental is doing is quite impressive. It's one of those exciting companies that really runs the entire gamut for the young or entrepreneurial dentist, and it offers an amazing array of solutions."

As the science and technology of implant dentistry continue to progress, Stanley looks to the future in his work on advanced bone healing protocols and beyond just the mechanics of implants toward what he refers to as "immune dentistry," which focuses on improving the patient's immune system throughout implant therapy in order to prevent infection. "When I started, I had no idea that I was going to be where I am today, but having a strong foundation in ethics, following the clinical evidence, paying attention to the great leaders in the field, and adapting to changes has allowed me to succeed, even as my definition of success has changed over time," he says. "It's really about knowing what dentistry is and the state of the science at any given moment."

The White Clinic will continue to adapt to changes and developments in the profession, but Stanley knows that Biotech Dental will continue to be ahead of the game, offering the most innovative complete solutions to support his practice.

Key Points

Fully integrated dental solutions facilitate the seamless integration of all stages of treatment and help prevent complications.

Nemotec software streamlines all procedures from digital design to delivery.

The Kontact implant system offers a full suite of diameters, lengths, connection types, thread designs,
and other features to handle any implant case.

Forward-thinking products such as the ATP38 Miracle photobiomodulation device empower dentists to provide innovative treatment.

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