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Inside Dentistry
November 2021
Volume 17, Issue 11

Unique Whitening System Helps Reduce Sensitivity

Troy Schmedding, DDS, on TheraSmile® Whitening

As a dentist with a private practice focused on functional and esthetic dentistry, I enjoy trying out new technologically advanced products, so I was excited to implement Mavrik Dental System's TheraSmile®. TheraSmile is a promising new dental technology that introduces several firsts to the arena of tooth whitening. TheraSmile Whitening is the first in-office whitening treatment to be fully automated, to include its own innovative gingival protection, to dynamically deliver fluids to the treatment area, and to prevent desiccation and reduce sensitivity through hydration.

Despite the seemingly constant addition of teeth whitening products to an already abundant market, most employ the same scientific method: the use of a whitening agent with carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient to break down stains and discoloration. The primary differences among these products are the concentrations and contact times of the whitening agents—factors that directly correlate to their efficacy—and the potential side effects that can be experienced by the patient. Sensitivity related to teeth whitening is typically mild and short-lived; however, it continues to present a challenge in treatments involving lengthy exposure times, the use of highly concentrated gels, and methods that cause the teeth to dehydrate.

Mavrik developed the MavGuard® gingival isolation guards and ArmorLC® light-cure resin foam to protect the gingiva during the TheraSmile Whitening treatment. The novel, single-use MavGuard is made of flexible silicone and offers various size and shape options to fit the maxillary and mandibular arches of patients. With precut holes to accommodate the teeth, the guard covers the gingiva without using clamps, effectively isolating the tissues and eliminating the threat of desiccation. Complete isolation is then achieved by placing ArmorLC along the gingival margins.

Unlike static tray delivery systems, TheraSmile Whitening utilizes a single-use mouthpiece, which creates a vacuum seal around the upper and lower treatment area (the maxillary and mandibular arches from first molar to first molar), and its patented ioWave technology to dynamically circulate high-volume activated procedural fluids directly into pockets formed around the teeth, delivering targeted whitening therapy while consistently hydrating the entire treatment area. Because the system automatically mixes the gels, there are no variations in the concentration of the material. This automation not only provides consistency but also increases efficiency by allowing an assistant to oversee the treatment.

Although the adoption of any new technology requires a period of adjustment for integration and training that can be disruptive to practices, in this case, that fact doesn't outweigh the advantages that can be realized for patients. The well-known side effects of whitening that keep many people from seeking professional, in-office treatment are significantly more manageable with TheraSmile Whitening.

Troy Schmedding, DDS
Private Practice
Walnut Creek, California

Key Takeaways

1. Dynamic fluid delivery with ioWave technology enables high-volume distribution of Mavrik's proprietary hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel

2. Refreshed fluids are continuously circulated over the targeted treatment area to intensify whitening and prevent desiccation.

3. TheraSmile Whitening's high-volume gel cartridges come prefilled and ready for application

4. Automated gel mixing ensures precise and consistent concentrations for repeatable, predictable results

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