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Inside Dentistry
November 2021
Volume 17, Issue 11

The Most Profitable Procedure per Chair-Hour

CandidPro™ allows GPs to provide quality clear aligners without compromise

The future of clear aligners has arrived, and it has the potential to transform clinical practices. With its combination of advanced technology and clinical superiority, CandidPro has revolutionized the clear aligner workflow for both the general practitioner (GP) and the patient. "CandidPro is likely the most profitable procedure per chair-hour that you can offer in your practice," says Brian Ganey, senior vice president of sales for CandidPro. "It provides quality without clinical compromise."

CandidPro is what the company calls an "orthodontics as a service" offering. It includes the use of Candid's patent-pending treatment planning methodology, their intuitive technology platform built for clinicians, and an outstanding suite of patient support services.

One of the keys to the system's success is CandidMonitoring, which allows dentists to limit patient office visits as much as they want while checking on treatment progress as much as three times more often. "This empowers dentists to drive compliance," Ganey says.

The laboratory fee is affordable, averaging approximately $1,200 per case, but the larger savings lie in the chair time and opportunity costs that can be saved by limiting the need for follow-up visits. Instead of those visits, patients are supported every step of the way through a highly rated teledentistry application that they install on their smartphones.

Meanwhile, participating dentists are supported throughout the process as well. "CandidPro provides the skills of US-based orthodontists with more than 20 years of experience to review each case and be available to for videoconferencing discussions at any time," Ganey says.

The quality of the product is also second to none. "Our cutting-edge aligner materials and manufacturing process deliver industry-leading performance from the accuracy of the fit to the accuracy of the process and results."

Along with all of these benefits comes increased efficiency and profitability, which allow dentists to lower costs for patients and achieve higher rates of treatment acceptance.

Although direct-to-consumer orthodontic services have garnered significant attention, CandidPro's model is centered around the GP because that remains the most successful way to increase access to treatment. The technology allows GPs to collaborate with orthodontists like never before—all while making the process easier for the patient.

"Among every 100 people who visit Candid's website for a smile assessment," Ganey says, "only one signs up for an appointment, whereas 80% of the remaining 99 prefer to seek the advice of a dental professional before committing to treatment. That is where CandidPro comes in." GPs have control over CandidPro cases. With their intimate knowledge of each patient's history, they can customize treatments in collaboration with the orthodontists, including full-mouth solutions. "You do not get that anywhere else," Ganey says.

In addition, CandidPro provides a comprehensive implementation program that leverages consultants and other resources to set up the workflow without any disruption to the practice. Is such a high-quality product with unprecedented profitability too good to be true? "No. It's just the future," Ganey says. "And with all of the technology that we've incorporated into this solution, the future of clear aligners is available today with CandidPro."

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