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Inside Dentistry
October 2021
Volume 17, Issue 10

A Virtually Perfect Clear Aligner Solution

G. Michael Kabot, DDS, MS, on CandidPro™

I have been practicing orthodontics for more than 33 years in both Clawson and Farmington, Michigan. During my first few years in the specialty, I noticed that some patients remained unwilling to undergo bracket and wire treatment, no matter how badly that they wanted their teeth corrected. So, back in 1988, we started working and experimenting with clear aligners.

That same year, we also started our own orthodontic laboratory. We began with vacuum-formed clear aligner materials. I spent hours with our technicians learning and refining how to utilize undercuts and embrasure spaces to get the precise movements that we desired from our aligners. I found that once my technicians understood the basic physics behind these movements, they could produce some of the highest quality orthodontic appliances in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

In early 2021, I was introduced to CandidPro. I've always heavily researched any product that we've considered utilizing in our office, and I became very curious about this clear aligner system. This new system seemed to satisfy all my needs. It was fairly priced, efficient, simple, and effective. I knew that if someone required 24 to 36 months of aligners for correction, braces were probably a better orthodontic option. However, CandidPro could provide us with a correction option for all but the most complex cases or those that were surgical in nature. In addition, when I saw that CandidPro decided to dive into the virtual orthodontic world and take efficiency to the next level with a scanning technique that allows patients to submit high-resolution images from home using their own smartphones, I knew that we had to try this new system.

To date, our patients have been extremely satisfied with the CandidPro aligners. Their fit and finish is incredible. The home scan technique is performed roughly every 10 to 14 days and is very patient friendly. CandidPro orthodontists verify the corrections, and the progress of each individual patient can be followed online. If the treatment is not on track, patients can come in for our help; however, the results so far have been excellent and on track. Typical treatments usually take about 6 to 12 months and utilize approximately 14 to 18 aligners.

CandidPro has developed a beautiful and realistic aligner system that results in truncated treatment times with far fewer office visits required, and it's almost half the price of other aligner systems that we could offer to our patients. The other feature that we love about this system is that we do not have to place any type of attachments on the teeth. It also does not utilize interproximal reduction or extractions. Our patients are well educated on aligner therapy before we begin treatment.

Working with CandidPro has been a great experience. The application is easy to use, the sign-up process for the patients is simple, and the company's support personnel are always willing to help in any way. Furthermore, the laboratory costs for the CandidPro system are significantly lower than those of many of the other aligner systems out there. The results have been beyond our expectations, and the patients love their aligners. This is a win-win for everyone.

Key Takeaways

1. The fit and finish of CandidPro aligners is incredible

2. It's almost half the price of other aligner systems on the market

3. Patients are remotely monitored by submitting high resolution images from their smartphones

4. The system does not require any type of attachments to be placed on the teeth or interproximal reduction

G. Michael Kabot, DDS, MS
American Board of
Private Practice
Clawson and Farmington, Michigan

Manufacturer Information
Candid Care Co.

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