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Inside Dentistry
June 2021
Volume 17, Issue 6

Implant Designs and Treatments

The Roundtable video series is a forum for discussion and debate on key topics, trends, and techniques in dentistry. For each edition, Inside Dentistry's editor-in-chief, Robert C. Margeas, DDS, and a panel of experts examine a subject to help expand your knowledge and improve your practice. This month, our panel takes a look at some of the latest advances in implantology.

To begin, the panel discusses the benefits of using tapered implants. Paul S. Petrungaro, DDS, MS, notes that "the shape of tapered implants better engages the bone and provides additional stability, which is a huge benefit." Corey Raymond, DMD, adds that a tapered connection helps to prevent the occurrence of microgaps and micromovements and offers the clinician more options on the prosthetic side

The conversation then moves to the benefits of surface-treated implants, particularly hydrophilic surface treatments. Robert A. Horowitz, DDS, explains that one advantage of hydrophilic surface treatments is that the implants tend to be less rough than untreated ones while still facilitating excellent osseointegration. Raymond agrees and adds that implants with hydrophilic surfaces are more predictable regarding placement and healing.

Next, the panel discusses why clinicians should offer fixed, full-arch solutions at their practices. Raymond says that, in his experience, the demand is out there and that exploring all options available with patients is a huge benefit to both them and the practice. Petrungaro agrees and emphasizes that fixed solutions are something that every practice should evaluate. Horowitz adds that it is also important that patients fully understand the hygiene maintenance associated with fixed, full-arch solutions and that restorative dentists fully understand what they'll need in order to offer these treatments to their patients.

The conversation wraps up with the panel debating the pros and cons of offering immediate implants in a practice.

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What You'll Learn

The uses of angled implants and angled abutments

The value of surface treating implants

Immediate implant placement pros and cons

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