Inside Dentistry
May 2021
Volume 17, Issue 5

Comprehensive Diagnostics Are Key

Ron Kaminer, DDS, on the ProVecta® S-Pan from Air Techniques

The success of every dental practice relies on the ability of the dentist and his or her team to accurately diagnose patients' problems. At our practice, we employ a variety of adjunctive modalities so that we can facilitate ideal diagnosis and figure out what is truly affecting our patients. Ancillary products that assist us in performing diagnostics include, dental loupes, caries detection devices, and various forms of digital radiography. Although only some dentists use loupes and caries detection devices, all dentists use some form of radiography in their practices. Over the years, our protocol has included taking a full mouth series of radiographs for patients so that we can gather the maximum amount of information to assist us in our diagnoses. To improve efficiency, we always wanted to incorporate a panoramic x-ray system into our workflow; however, product limitations always prevented us from pulling the trigger. That is, until the ProVecta® S-Pan from Air Techniques came along.

Since we incorporated the ProVecta S-Pan into our practice, our workflow has totally changed. Instead of taking as many full mouth series, now we usually acquire bitewing radiographs and a panoramic x-ray scan of our patients. The ProVecta S-Pan is a remarkable machine that produces outstandingly sharp images. The machine is exceptionally fast, acquiring a low-dose standard adult orthopantomogram image within 7 seconds. This performance can be attributed to its state-of-the-art processor, which instantly selects from over 20,000 image fragments to create one exceptional image. The ProVecta S-Pan has more than 17 x-ray scanning programs, allowing you to choose the right program for the right situation. These programs include a standard panoramic program, three half-page programs (eg, right, left, front), four children's modes with smaller exposure areas, two temporomandibular joint modes, and others for orthogonal and sinus views. The image clarity is so excellent that we can even see decay in most of our images. This all-encompassing device simply makes us better in everything that we do.

The ergonomics of the machine are phenomenal as well. The ProVecta S-Pan has a minimal footprint, which makes it perfect for even the smallest of spaces, and the 7-in touchscreen allows team members to easily select the most appropriate program for their needs. And because the machine is TWAIN-compliant, it easily integrates with most imaging software systems and environments. If you want to improve your overall diagnostic capacity, the ProVecta S-Pan is the way to go!

Key Takeaways

1. Proprietary image reconstruction guarantees a crystal-clear image every time

2. The inclusion of 17 programs allows for ideal customization in every situation

3. A minimal footprint accommodates easy placement in most offices

4. TWAIN-compliant imaging software permits easy integration into your existing practice management systems

Ron Kaminer, DDS
Private Practice
Hewlett and Oceanside, New York

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