Inside Dentistry
May 2021
Volume 17, Issue 5

All-Bond Universal®

1. Simplicity: a truly universal, single bottle system that does not require an activator.

2.  Compatibility: 100% compatible with all light-, self-, and dual-cure resin composite and cement materials; it is indicated for all direct and indirect procedures.

3. Versatility: offers the flexibility to use any bonding technique (total-, self-, and selective-etch).

4. Durability: its MDP-containing, hydrophobic formula (resin friendly) results in the enhanced durability of bonds.

5. Ease of use: clinical evaluation confirms the ease of use as a benefit leading to virtually no postoperative sensitivity.


Delivery system: 6 mL bottle; 0.20 mL
unit doses

Technique: may be used for direct and indirect restorations with no activator required and with or without phosphoric acid etchant.

Storage: no refrigeration ne

I liken bonding agents to superheroes-there are many to choose from, they are mighty in their function, and each has unique abilities. It is these various "superpower" abilities that pull you towards one bonding agent over another. For me, I value versatility, predictability, and durability, and All-Bond Universal embodies all of these superpowers. That's why I love to use it!
Timothy M. Bizga, DDS
Parma, Ohio


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