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Inside Dentistry
March 2021
Volume 17, Issue 3

VisCalor® bulk

1. 2-in-1 thermoviscous technology: the combination of heat and unique chemistry achieves a flowable viscosity during application, which then becomes immediately sculptable

2. Optimal adaptability: warmed to achieve its initial low viscosity, VisCalor bulk flows freely into the micro-grooves of the cavity floor and walls

3. Immediate sculptability: no need for a separate base, liner, or capping layer, VisCalor bulk facilitates a continuous workflow that requires less steps and less time

4. Defined 83% nano-hybrid filler content with a 4-mm depth of cure: allows for minimal layering while imparting enhanced physical properties, esthetics, and longevity

5. Easy-access tip: long, narrow tip allows for minimally invasive preparations, preserves healthy tooth structure, and reduces the potential for air bubbles

I am just amazed that VOCO has been able to come up with a material that not only bulk cures but is also gorgeous as well. This is, quite honestly and truthfully, the most beautiful, well-matching composite that I have seen in a long time. When you consider the fact that you can bulk fill with it and the fact that it's invisible when you're finished, VisCalor bulk is a complete game-changer and a home run in my book.

John Flucke, DDS Lee Summit, Missouri

VisCalor® bulk


Class I and II posterior restorations

Base in Class I and II cavities

Class V restorations

Locking or splinting of loose teeth

Repairing veneers, enamel defects, and temporary crown and bridge materials

Extended fissure sealing

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Core buildups

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