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Inside Dentistry
March 2021
Volume 17, Issue 3


1. Contains fluoride and calcium: continuous release of calcium and fluoride ions1

2. Contains MDP: forms a strong bond to zirconia, metal, and alumina substrates without use of a primer or adhesive

3. Easy cleanup: gel phase after tack curing facilitates removal of excess cement

4. Alkaline pH: generates an alkaline pH in minutes, 2 which promotes pulp vitality3

5. Radiopaque: visible on radiographs to be easily distinguished from caries


1. Gleave CM, Chen L, Suh BI. Calcium & fluoride recharge of resin cements. Dent Mater. 2016;(32S):e26.

2. Chen L, Gleave C, Suh B. New self-adhesive resin cement with alkaline pH. J Dent Res. 2017;96(A):286.

3. Okabe T, Sakamoto M, Takeuchi H, Matsushima K. Effects of pH on mineralization ability of human dental pulp cells. J Endod. 2006;32(3):198-201.

"TheraCem is an essential part of our clinical protocol. Its capability to be utilized with so many different materials and in so many clinical situations makes it an invaluable addition to our crown and bridge treatments. We love TheraCem's ease of use and simple cleanup. We use TheraCem every day!"

Gary M. Radz, DDS
Denver, Colorado


Delivery system: Easy auto-mix, dual-syringe
Technique: No priming or etching required to bond to zirconia and most substrates


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