Inside Dentistry
February 2021
Volume 17, Issue 2

Making Smiles Automatic With Dynamic Technology

Sean Pierce, DDS, on TheraSmile® Whitening treatment

The market for professional teeth whitening services continues to expand, and our practice specifically incorporates whitening into a majority of our patients' treatment plans. It is a large component of our work, so primarily, we prioritized investing in a whitening technology that would reduce the typical postoperative sensitivity associated with teeth whitening. Secondarily, we were focused on investing in a treatment that would provide predictable outcomes, offer flexibility throughout the whitening process, and help enhance overall practice efficiencies.

We decided to incorporate the TheraSmile® Whitening treatment into our practice, and the results have been remarkable. This clinical advancement gives our patients complete confidence that their treatments will align with the highest standards. Unlike other in-office whitening treatments, the TheraSmile Whitening treatment optimizes patient comfort by immersing the teeth in a hydrated environment, eliminating dehydration to mitigate the threat of sensitivity during the whitening process. The high-volume distribution of whitening gel is about 50 times the volume of the whitening agents used in other treatments. Dynamic fluid delivery enables 360° coverage of the teeth from first molar to first molar with thermochemically activated fluids that increase peroxide activation and enhance enamel penetration.

The TheraSmile Whitening system is the only professional teeth whitening machine in the world that is capable of delivering a solution while isolating the teeth and gingival tissue from the rest of the oral cavity. With the integration of MavGuard® gum guards and ArmorLC® resin, patients' gums are completely isolated. Once setup is complete, the machine operates automatically to deliver the treatment, which consists of six 6-minute cycles of circulating, freshly activated fluids. Each cycle finishes with a cleansing 1-minute rinse before the next refreshed fluid cycle begins.

During operation, the treatment only requires monitoring. This creates opportunity for increased patient flow. Furthermore, the patient and clinician have the ability to easily pause and resume treatment. From a practice economy standpoint, offering TheraSmile Whitening has simplified our treatment workflows. The patient setup is streamlined, which increases productivity and optimizes efficiency.

We are proud to have incorporated the Thera-Smile Whitening treatment into our practice and appreciate the ease of working with Mavrik Dental Systems®. The investment continues to offer benefits to our practice's economy and our overall delivery of patient care. Patients who have previously undergone other teeth whitening treatments have expressed great appreciation for the improvements that the TheraSmile Whitening treatments offer. Expectedly, every single patient who we have treated with TheraSmile reported that they would recommend this treatment to others. There's nothing else like it on the market.

Key Takeaways

• Optimizes whitening performance with thermochemically activated fluids that increase peroxide activation and enhance enamel penetration without the need for light activation

• Provides a hydrated treatment environment for whitening stability and sustainable results as well as improved patient comfort

• Fully automated and designed to deliver a trouble-free treatment with little to no oversight, helping increase practice efficiencies

• Dynamic fluid delivery enables 360° coverage from first molar to first molar, maximizing the opportunity for improved outcomes

Sean Pierce, DDS
Pierce Aesthetics
Tustin, California

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Mavrik Dental Systems®

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