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Inside Dentistry
December 2020
Volume 16, Issue 12

Improving Patient Outcomes and Experiences

L. Alice Chen, DDS, MSD, on ClearCorrect clear aligner treatment

I have been practicing general dentistry in the Renton, Washington, area since 1998. Cosmetic dental work has always been a passion of mine, and this is reflected in the name of my practice, Inspired Dentistry, and our motto, "your smile, our passion." When treatment planning a cosmetic case, I will oftentimes recommend minor orthodontic treatment to help my patients better align their teeth for a more conservative approach. What I have found, however, is that a significant number of my patients are hesitant to follow through with the recommendation for orthodontic treatment because they are apprehensive about the need for additional visits to dental offices that they are unfamiliar with as well as the costs associated with the treatment. To that end, many patients would rather opt for more aggressive tooth preparation than go to the orthodontist's office. This has always troubled me because then I am forced to prepare away healthy tooth structure in order to achieve the esthetic outcomes that I am looking for. To alleviate these concerns, as well as improve my patients' outcomes and their experiences, I decided to implement ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy in my treatment protocols.

Since I began utilizing ClearCorrect in 2015, I have completed several hundred cases. Most of my cases are limited orthodontic treatments performed on patients who would both benefit from improved tooth alignment and likely not have followed through with an orthodontist had I referred them to one. Because I can perform the ClearCorrect treatment in my office, it serves as an affordable alternative to out-of-house orthodontic treatment. This has been a major selling point for my patients. My case acceptance rate has been extremely high, and many of my patients comment on how quick, easy, and affordable the ClearCorrect treatment has been for them.

ClearCorrect makes it easy for the general dentist to get started with simple cases, and they also have excellent customer service and experienced account managers who can guide you and offer tips and suggestions if you feel unsure about how to get started. After beginning with simpler cases, I began to tackle more complex cases. Recently, ClearCorrect launched its new treatment design software, ClearPilot, and treatment planning services are available through orthobrain®. With these tools, I feel empowered to better handle the complex cases.

ClearCorrect has also launched ClearQuartz, a new tri-layer clear aligner material that has two outer shells that are tough with low porosity and an elastic inner layer. This new design provides extraordinary sustained force with efficient and accurate movements due to elasticity and adaptation while remaining comfortable for the patient.

I have benefitted from ClearCorrect because it allows me to tackle more challenging cosmetic cases without necessitating outside referral, it is a treatment that patients have overwhelmingly responded well to, and most importantly, it is affordable. As a restorative dentist, I enjoy having the freedom to be able to align teeth in order to enhance my desired cosmetic outcome, then use a restorative approach to perfect the clear aligner treatment outcome. ClearCorrect has been a huge asset to my dental practice, and I could not recommend it highly enough.

Key Takeaways

1. With a strong price/performance ratio and smart training options, ClearCorrect makes aligners accessible to more dentists and patients

2. ClearCorrect aligners are made from a material that is optimized for stress retention and clarity while being able to resist stains and cracks

3. Dentist-friendly by nature, ClearCorrect has been listening to dentists and collaborating with them to create solutions they love since 2006

4. ClearCorrect support specialists are highly trained and go the extra mile to help dentists succeed

L. Alice Chen, DDS, MSD
Private Practice
Renton, Washington

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