Inside Dentistry
November 2020
Volume 16, Issue 11

Unparalleled Speed, Precision, and Convenience

Miguel Stanley, DDS, on the vhf R5

At the White Clinic, we do not believe in settling for the status quo. That is why we work every day to eliminate wasted time, energy, and resources and drive our operations to be better, faster, and lower in cost for our patients. We employ the most innovative technologies and follow a 100% digital workflow to ensure that our patients get the best results and that they get them in one visit, when possible. That is why the R5 from vhf is a perfect match for our practice.

It all started when we needed reliable technology for a same-day dentistry case that we did for a National Geographic documentary, and we decided to acquire an R5 milling and grinding machine from vhf. For that case, we milled twelve individual lithium disilicate glass-ceramic crowns, and the results were just amazing. If you want to talk about precision and speed, this machine is unparalleled. When I worked with the R5 for the first time, I was truly impressed by the fit and surface quality of the restorations it produced. In our clinic, we use the machine for a whole range of indications from esthetic composite restorations, ceramic veneers, and crowns to superior implant-retained fixed prostheses and full-arch rehabilitations on multiple implants.

Due to the R5's high level of automation, we save valuable time. My team benefits from the one-handed loading and being able to fill the changer with up to 10 blanks, and the DirectClean Technology allows them to switch quickly and effortlessly between wet and dry processing. In addition, they save working time thanks to the R5's ionizers, active workspace cleaning, and intelligent drying function. The R5 allows us to process everything from discs to blocks and even prefabricated abutments. This is real same-day dentistry-patient solutions in one day. Another great plus is vhf's outstanding service, which helps us to maximize our productivity. As a result of doing less manual labor, we save time that can be used to concentrate on the patient care.

True independence is another great feature of the R5. It literally mills almost every available material, including titanium and cobalt chromium, and it is very user-friendly. We believe that dentistry requires openness, and because the R5 works with any product, STL file, and design system, it offers complete freedom.

We invested in the R5, and I can say that it boosted our dentistry to another level. This is why I would recommend it to any dentist. It truly changed my practice.

Key Takeaways

1. 5-axis wet and dry processing for perfect restorations in ultra HD

2. Milling and grinding without limits: absolute independence regarding material and manufacturer

3. High degree of automation for maximum convenience and around-the-clock milling

4. Robust and accurate technology with a minimal footprint that is 100% engineered and manufactured in Germany

Miguel Stanley, DDS
Founder and Clinical Director
White Clinic
Lisbon, Portugal

Manufacturer Information
vhf Inc.

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