Inside Dentistry
November 2020
Volume 16, Issue 11

A Protocol for Challenging Implant Rehabilitation

Eli Friedman, DMD, on Neodent’s Zygoma GM™

I became a prosthodontist in 2007, and currently, I am the co-founder and chief executive officer of OneSolution® Dental Implant Centers. We have multiple offices in South Florida and affiliate centers in other states. In order to achieve the most successful outcomes for our patients in a single day, we use a team approach to placing implants for full-arch restorations. The team includes oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and a full in-house laboratory utilizing digital technology and the latest zirconia materials. Our practice was designed to fulfill my passion to provide patients with full-mouth reconstructive dentistry in only one day by using the highest quality materials, technology, and specialized providers in the industry.

We began placing zygomatic implants in our office in 2014 and have since become a destination center for patients with atrophic maxillas and those who require challenging implant rehabilitations. Patients who would normally require multiple grafting and surgical procedures can benefit from zygomatic implants because the treatment only requires one surgery. This procedure has been endorsed by the American College of Prosthodontics as a predictable treatment for patients who suffer from ill-fitting dentures or who would require a grafting procedure. Zygomatic implants can save patients time, money, and the stress of needing to have multiple procedures performed.

The Neodent® NeoArch® immediate fixed full-arch system is an implant system designed to facilitate predictable immediate treatments in all bone types-even with different conditions of the residual alveolar bone. It can significantly improve patient satisfaction and quality of life by immediately restoring function and esthetics.

OneSolution Dental Implant Centers incorporated the Neodent NeoArch immediate fixed full-arch protocol into its full-arch practice model because of its dynamic surgical and restorative flexibility and versatility. Its implant design, Morse taper connection, and abutment angle options make it unique for full-arch and challenging clinical situations involving insufficient bone. It also allows us to integrate our digital zirconium protocol at OneSolution in order to deliver high quality interim and definitive prosthetics to patients.

One of the best features of the Neodent NeoArch system is the multi-unit abutment design, which features straight and up to 45-degree angled abutment options, allowing for some of the most comfortable prostheses in the world. The assertive thread patterns allow for increased primary stability in zygomatic bone, and the design also reduces the occurrence of sinus-related issues when compared with other implant systems.

Ultimately, OneSolution Dental Implant Centers chose Neodent as its implant partner because the Neodent line was an excellent fit for the OneSolution full-arch practice model, both from a clinical and digital perspective.

Key Takeaways

1. All benefits of the original 16° Grand Morse connection ensure a tight fit for an optimal connection seal

2. The straight head is designed to bring flexibility to implant positioning

3. The tissue protect portion without threads enables friendly contact with the mucosa

4. Progressive increase of the thread depth at the apical area improves strength and initial stability

Eli Friedman, DMD
International Congress of Oral Implantologists
OneSolution® Dental Implant Centers
Plantation, Florida

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