Inside Dentistry
August 2020
Volume 16, Issue 8

New Products

A  |  3M Attest Mini Auto-reader

Sterilization monitoring results are now available in just 24 minutes. Dental teams will no longer have extensive wait times for results and will know that their sterilizer cycle parameters have been met.

B  |  Hydrogen Peroxide Oral Rinse

DenMat has announced the launch of a new hydrogen peroxide oral rinse to complement its recently launched hand sanitizer and hard surface cleanser products. The rinse is formulated with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide and xylitol to significantly reduce bacteria in the mouth.

C  |  FiteBac® Antimicrobial Cavity Cleanser

This newly FDA-cleared cleanser helps remove debris from carious lesion preparations, reduces the presence of dentally relevant organisms, and penetrates exposed dentin tubules to improve adhesion.

D  |  Profluorid® Varnish Cola Lime

VOCO has expanded its Profluorid Varnish flavors to include "cola lime" to complement the existing lineup of caramel, mint, cherry, bubblegum, and melon. It features the same quick uptake formulization and easy-to-use SingleDose delivery system.

E  |  Microbrush® Test Swabs

To meet the growing demand for supplies to comply with COVID-19 testing requirements, Microbrush has launched a nasopharyngeal test swab. Sterilized and individually packaged in a medical-grade pouch, the swabs are ready-for-use and intended for clinical nasopharyngeal sample collection.

F  |  DGSHAPE AK-1 Titanium Abutment Kit

Roland DGA's new DGSHAPE AK-1 Titanium Abutment Kit for use with the advanced yet simple-to-use DWX-42W wet dental mill enables users to offer full-service, high-quality implant restorations in-house with precision and ease.

G  |  AutoLobby

Dental Innovations has announced AutoLobby, a new and innovative "text-to-the-car" service to help dentists and oral surgeons re-launch their practices as they open with COVID-19 patient workflow protocols.

H  |  RPM Reinforced PTFE Mesh

The new RPM technology combines the benefits of a stable scaffold with a PTFE barrier membrane, while allowing optimal supply of the bone graft through vascularization from the periosteum to obtain vital bone.

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