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Inside Dentistry
July 2020
Volume 16, Issue 7

Digital Integration Expands ClearCorrect’s Offerings

The Straumann Group's Portfolio Continues to Provide Comprehensive Support to Dentists

Dentists around the world are facing challenges brought on by COVID-19. Fortunately, companies such as Straumann and ClearCorrect are offering innovative solutions to help dentists remotely treat new and existing patients during this difficult time.

"Our vision goes beyond creating a smile and restoring confidence," says Straumann head of orthodontics Camila Finzi, who oversees ClearCorrect. "We really aspire to be the partner of choice in esthetic dentistry."

One of our latest innovations is DenToGo, a mobile treatment monitoring solution with a full suite of remote offerings that can facilitate increased patient compliance through personalized messaging, more efficient patient scheduling, remote patient monitoring, virtual appointments, and more.

"The market is looking to protect patients and connect with younger demographics, so teledentistry is gaining traction," Finzi says.

The DenToGo workflow begins with Vitals Check, an application for smartphones and tablets that performs a 2-minute scan of the patient and provides the clinician with a 180-point oral health assessment. In addition, the MySmile application is available to provide patients with instant previews of potential treatment results and increase acceptance rates.

"What differentiates us from the competition," Finzi says, "is our use of artificial intelligence to provide an analysis to clinicians for their review, which saves significant amounts of time."

Another recently launched innovation is ClearCorrect NOW, a fully clinician-directed teledentistry aligner solution that supports clinicians in offering remote clear aligner treatment to patients.

"Approximately 57% of patients seek access to remote treatment plan management to start aligner treatment," Finzi says. "ClearCorrect NOW offers clinicians the option of delivering a fully remote treatment plan. At the clinician's request, ClearCorrect provides an impression kit that is sent directly to the patient, collected, and then converted to STL files. The clinician then enters the patient's treatment prescription, which is used for creation of the aligners. We ship the aligners to the patients, and then they are monitored remotely by their treating clinicians. We are very excited about that."

The highly advanced nature of Straumann's technology is matched by the skill of the technical support team in its treatment planning center. The digital planning service team undergoes intensive training to ensure that providers receive superior quality and output. According to Finzi, 99% of cases receive a treatment setup within 2 days.

In addition to innovative technology and superior support, Straumann emphasizes quality education. ClearCorrect's partnership with Progressive Orthodontic Seminars offers a comprehensive solution to guide dentists who want to initiate or enhance their orthodontic capabilities. ClearCorrect also offers Clic Study Clubs, which provide dentists with a community in their local areas for education and case discussion, ultimately helping build confidence in treating more patients with aligner therapy.

"With our robust offerings, including not only aligners and digital solutions but also top-notch education, we are a true enabler when it comes to professionals who want to evolve their dental practice into orthodontics," Finzi says. "At the Straumann Group, we are committed to the values of our company, which have always included bringing professionals the highest-quality products and first-class education to enable them to provide sustainable treatment success and lasting patient satisfaction."

Additional partnerships with Philips for whitening solutions and with CareCredit (US) and PayBright (Canada) for patient financing solutions have further enhanced Straumann's under-one-roof strategy to provide a well-rounded ecosystem of support for clinicians.

"With our expertise, clinicians will have all of the necessary resources at their disposal to fully treat patientsthrough aligners, implant restorations, intraoral scanning, 3D printing, guided surgery, and preventive solutions," Finzi says. "With all of these options available, our partners will be able to offer their patients function and esthetics under one roof."

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