Inside Dentistry
February 2020
Volume 16, Issue 2

A Game-Changing Composite

Ron Kaminer, DDS, on Shofu’s FIT SA™

Ron Kaminer, DDS

I own two multidoctor practices in Long Island, New York, where we treat pediatric, geriatric, and general patients. We focus on minimally invasive restorative dentistry and utilize a lot of technology. In addition to keeping up with evolving technology, we make sure to utilize the latest materials as they are brought to market. Recently, Shofu Dental Corporation introduced FIT SA, a self-adhesive flowable composite that incorporates the company's proprietary bioactive Giomer technology, a remarkable mix of fillers that offers patients healthful bioactive properties for the life of the restoration. We use it alone for small restorations as well as under all of our larger restorations as a liner.

1. AND 2. Beautiful Class V restorations on teeth Nos. 11 and 13 created with FIT SA self-adhesive flowable composite, offering superior strength, polishability, and esthetics without the need for a technique-sensitive bonding procedure. 3. Simplify procedures with FIT SA, a comprehensive self-adhesive flowable restorative that incorporates bioactive Giomer technology to deliver precision placement with ideal handling, high bond strength for reliable adhesion, and total integration of bioactive benefits. Indicated as a liner and for small Class I (preventive resin restorations), Class III, and Class V restorations.

How does FIT SA benefit your practice?

Without the need for a bonding agent, we save time and money, and we are also assured that ions are assisting in remineralization.

Does FIT SA produce the "chameleon effect"?

Yes, it polishes beautifully, and most restorations blend invisibly with the natural tooth to give an esthetic result.

How valuable is it to use a self-adhesive bioactive flowable composite?

Extremely. The self-adherence ensures ion transfer into the dentinal tubules without blockage.

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