Inside Dentistry
November 2019
Volume 15, Issue 11

Reliable Impressions With Exquisite Detail

Lee Ann Brady, DMD, on Kulzer’s Flexitime®

Lee Ann Brady, DMD

I have been a general dentist for 31 years , and I currently practice in Glendale, Arizona. My practice is limited to adult restorative dentistry and temporomandibular joint disorders. I have spent the last 15 years working in advanced dental education, including lecturing nationally, and I am currently the director of education at the Pankey Institute. I have been using Kulzer's Flexitime® vinyl polysiloxane impression material since it came on the market. I use both heavy body and wash material from Kulzer because when you mix and match products from different manufacturers, you risk using materials with chemistries that may be incompatible and create issues with the set or accuracy of the impression.

1. The Flexitime portfolio offers high precision, flexible timing, and a wide variety of viscosities. 2. Flexitime® Fast & Scan is the extra fast, scannable, A-silicone material that fits into the digital workflow for both dental and laboratory professionals. 3. Flexitime is available for a wide range of indications in three delivery forms and six different viscosities.

What is the best feature of the system?
The flexible working time with fixed intraoral set time allows me to use it for 1 preparation or 10 with the same efficiency.

When do you use Flexitime?
We use the material at my practice for crown-and-bridge impressions as well as for diagnostic impressions.

Is the material predictable?
Yes. It gives me results that I can rely on, and I am not worrying or spending time retaking impressions, which simplifies my practice.

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