Inside Dentistry
September 2019
Volume 15, Issue 9

Innovative Programs Prove Commitment to Education

Zimmer Biomet launches an education application and two new series for its zbipathwayZ™ Program

Zimmer Biomet was already a leader in dental implant education with its training centers and university programs, but the company has moved even further forward with its new Zimmer Biomet Dental Education application, Zimmer Biomet Institute PathwayZ Program (zbipathwayZ Program), and more. Why such a strong emphasis on education? According to Indraneel Kanaglekar, vice president of Product Management and Research and Development, its simple.

"Medical education is an extremely important part of our global business," he says, "because we want to advocate for the safe and effective use of our products and because implant dentistry is not widely taught other than in some specialty residency programs."

The Zimmer Biomet Dental Education application includes prerecorded lectures, live webcasts, technique videos, registration portals for Zimmer Biomet Institute courses, and other educational offerings.

"As everything in our lives becomes more digital, education is being consumed via various digital platforms," Kanaglekar says. "Personally, when I need to work on something in my home, I watch instructional videos on YouTube. Similarly, if a dentist wants to learn about our products (ie, the features, how to use them clinically, the science behind them), we want that information to be available at their fingertips."

Another innovative initiative is the zbipathwayZ Program, which includes the zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series and the zbipathwayZ LIVE Group Series. New zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series modules have recently been added, including "Full Arch Therapy" and "Introduction to Regenerative Therapy: Socket Preservation."

"The zbipathwayZ Program employs a modular approach that allows clinicians to tailor their education to their individual needs and learning styles," Kanaglekar says. "The self-learning modules are followed by either a live, hands-on workshop or a studio-based course. Clinicians can learn at their own pace, which makes it easier for the instructors during the hands-on portion."

Many of those hands-on courses are at Zimmer Biomet's flagship US institutes in Carlsbad, California, and Parsippany, New Jersey. These facilities feature state-of-the-art, proprietary Simulated Patient Training Laboratories for clinicians to learn surgical and restorative techniques. The New Jersey facility also has a cadaver laboratory.

"I do not believe that anyone else has that type of infrastructure available for education," Kanaglekar says.

In addition to its own programs, Zimmer Biomet collaborates with 50 residency programs and 32 predoctoral programs in the United States, providing products and training.

"We believe that we have a responsibility for education in implant dentistry, and we take that very seriously," Kanaglekar says. "Our presence in the universities is extremely strong, which allows us to ensure the safe and effective use of our products while encouraging the adoption of implant dentistry by making it more accessible."

Beyond that, the company is furthering the cause of implant dentistry as a whole. "We truly believe that it is a noble cause," Kanaglekar says. "We have the privilege of working in an industry where, although we are responsible to our shareholders, we are helping society. Our products allow people to obtain better tooth replacement solutions, so they can regain their chewing function and have a much more esthetic smile. Zimmer Biomet's mission is to alleviate people's pain and improve their quality of life, and doing so is extremely gratifying."

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