Inside Dentistry
September 2019
Volume 15, Issue 9

A Cement for Long-Lasting Restorations

Justin Poff, DDS, on Calibra® Ceram from Dentsply Sirona

Justin Poff, DDS

I graduated from The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry in 2011, and in 2015, I purchased a practice in Bellevue, Tennessee. At my practice, we enjoy taking care of our patients and are proud to offer a wide range of procedures from simple composite restorations and same-day crowns to more involved cosmetic restorative procedures and implants. I am committed to furthering my education in the areas of general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, short-term orthodontics, and implant dentistry in order to provide my patients with the best possible care. I started using Dentsply Sirona's Calibra® Ceram after switching to the CEREC® system. I was looking for a bonding system to simplify the preparation of the milled crowns and improve their bond to the teeth.

1. Get immediate and long-term, highly retentive bond strength for successful, long-lasting restorations with Calibra Ceram cement. 2. Calibra Ceram cement was formulated to ensure esthetic success in light-transmissible restorations. 3. With Calibra Ceram, excess cement can be easily cleaned up, and it provides maximum strength when you need it the most.

What are the best features of Calibra Ceram? It offers excellent cleansability, is very predictable after a quick tack cure, and has a simple shade selection process.

Does the cement simplify your procedures? Yes. I feel very comfortable decreasing my spacer parameters when designing crowns to improve the fit.

Why would you recommend Calibra Ceram? It is easy to work with, and the use of simple and effective systems is the best way to promote a higher quality of care.

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