Inside Dentistry
August 2019
Volume 15, Issue 8

Versatility Increases Productivity

Jeanette MacLean, DDS, on GC America’s EQUIA Forte® and MI Paste® Family

Jeanette MacLean, DDS

I am a board-certified pediatric dentist and the owner of a private practice. I first started using GC America's cement products in my pediatric residency program in 2003, but that has evolved over the years to include the use of their preventive and restorative products. I consider myself a clinician and a forever student. Initially, my desire to do things differently and better for my patients and their families led me to incorporate evidence-based, minimally invasive treatment options into my practice. I have since become an internationally recognized expert and advocate for minimally invasive dentistry. Two products that have been particularly valuable in my approach to treat patients in a minimally invasive way are GC America's
EQUIA Forte® and MI Paste® Family.

1. EQUIA Forte's high fluoride release and superior marginal seal coupled with the remineralization properties of MI Paste® ONE and MI Paste Plus® can help reduce recurrent caries and arrest and remineralize incipient carious lesions. 2. The MI Paste Family utilizes RECALDENT technology, which leverages a milk-derived protein (ie, casein) to increase bioavailable calcium and phosphate in saliva. These elements are critical to remineralization. MI Paste can also be used in combination with a phosphoric acid etchant to reverse some congenital enamel defects and white spot lesions.

What are the best features of the MI Paste Family? Thanks to the bioavailable calcium and phosphate,
MI Paste helps prevent caries and reduces sensitivity.

Has EQUIA Forte benefitted your workflow? Absolutely. I can use it for a wide array of clinical indications, which helps me reduce chairtime and increase productivity.

Has the patient experience improved? Parents and children are not fans of long dental appointments or sedation, so they are happy with the shorter chairtime.

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