Inside Dentistry
May 2019
Volume 15, Issue 5

Simple and Cost-Effective Bone Preservation

Michael Narodovich, DMD, on Sunstar’s GUIDOR® easy-graft® CLASSIC

I am a general dentist in Sacramento, California, and I have been practicing and placing implants for 10 years. Throughout my career, I have used a variety of bone grafting products, and most recently, I have been using GUIDOR® easy-graft® CLASSIC from Sunstar. This alloplastic bone grafting system has allowed me to provide a simple and cost-effective bone preservation material to my patients. Because there is no need to use a membrane, I achieve much faster tissue coverage, and my patients have less postoperative pain, which is a win for everyone.

1.An easy-to-handle material, GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is syringed directly into the defect. 2. After contact with body fluids, the material can be shaped and contoured as it hardens into a stable, porous scaffold in approximately 1 minute. 3. GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is ideal for ridge preservation and filling voids around immediately placed implants.

When do you use GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC?
I use it for ridge preservation after extractions as well as to graft around implants at the time of placement.

What are the top features of the product? It is easy-to-use, cost-effective, and begins to harden when in contact with blood, so there is no need for
a membrane.

How have patients responded? They have noticed that there is less postoperative pain and faster healing compared with when I have used a membrane technique with allograft bone.

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