Inside Dentistry
May 2019
Volume 15, Issue 5

A Versatile Alternative to Implant-Retained Overdentures

George E. Bambara, MS, DMD, on the Flexi-Overdenture® system from Essential Dental Systems

I graduated from dental school at the age of 42. Having previously worked as a schoolteacher and a professional photographer, I was very fascinated by attachment prosthetics. Although dental schools do not teach much about them, I improved my understanding and eventually began lecturing on the subject. Today, I find that it is an extremely important area of education because so many manufacturers are offering new solutions, which can create confusion. One of the best products I have come across is the Flexi-Overdenture® system from Essential Dental Systems.

1.Some of the key features of the Flexi-Overdenture system include posts with a ball-and-socket design, which facilitate rotation of the denture attachment without the need for parallelism, as well as the incorporation of a flange for stability and a split-shank to provide maximum retention and minimal stress. 2.The metal keeper and nylon cap insert of the optional "EZ-Change" metal housing allow for quick and easy nylon cap replacement. When it becomes worn, the cap insert can be easily removed from the permanent metal keeper, requiring only seconds to replace. 3.The introductory kits available for the Flexi-Overdenture system include various post sizes and color-coded accessories.

What is an overdenture post? An overdenture post is retained by the remaining roots of the tooth, and unlike an implant, it allows a patient to retain proprioceptive mechanisms and natural
tooth movement.

Why would you place a post-retained overdenture? It is more cost-effective and less traumatic for the patient to save a root and put an attachment on it.

What do you like about the Flexi-Overdenture post? Versatility. It has a flange for greater stability and a split-shank design that is highly retentive
and less stressful on roots.

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