Inside Dentistry
April 2019
Volume 15, Issue 4

Setting a New Benchmark for Easy and Accurate Scanning

Storm Hagen, DDS

My mother is a hygienist, and my father is a dentist, so I grew up in the dental office that I practice in today. This unique childhood allowed me to foster valuable relationships with pa-tients as well as become familiar with dental products and technology.

When I became a dentist myself, I knew that I wanted to utilize digital dentistry as much as possible in my practice to provide my patients with the highest standard of care. As a CEREC trainer, I have seen leaps in technology within the CEREC product line. First, with the transition from Redcam to Bluecam, then with the development of Omnicam, and now with the newest iteration, Primescan. Dentsply Sirona's CEREC Primescan intraoral scanner is incredibly easy to use, and the large field of view and imaging window make it possible to scan more surface area in less time, which is great for our patients and staff. In addition, a built-in heating element in the camera prevents fogging, and the foot pedal controls allow the user to make hands-free adjustments.

Primescan has all but eliminated the need to manually remove extraneous artifacts, such as cheeks, the tongue, fingers, and other objects obscuring the area being scanned. The user can simply scan the desired area, and the artifacts are digitally removed.

This device has literally become the only intraoral scanner our office requires. There is no need to have separate scanners for orthodontic treatments and chairside restorations because the CEREC Primescan can accomplish all scans without a learning curve. This scalable solution allows offices to start with a scan-only option, and when they are ready, they can upgrade to the full chairside system with only the addition of software.

CEREC Software 5.0, which is available with the Primescan, features advanced digital technology with automated commands for positioning the model axis, restoration insertion axis, and preparation margin. The automatic margin feature has no problem seeing margins, even deep ones. Although everything can still be edited manually, the automated steps make it easier for staff members to complete the design, freeing up the dentist to delegate and be more productive in the office. The increased accuracy and automation also lead to proposals that require little fine-tuning prior to manufacturing.

The CEREC Primescan's new design is an immediate attention getter. All of its available tools can now be accessed using the large touchscreen or trackpad. The graphics are lifelike, and the touchscreen tools utilize familiar tablet-style gestures. The removable sleeve feature allows offices to choose between autoclavable sleeves or single-use plastic alternatives.

One of the best features of the Primesan is its extended-life rechargeable battery. I can charge the Primescan overnight and at lunchtime and use it throughout the office without having to be near an outlet.

In summary, with CEREC Primescan, Dentsply Sirona has signaled the industry that there is a new benchmark in intraoral scanning technology.

Key Takeaways

• New camera makes scanning easier and more accurate.

• Enhanced software facilitates easier design and minimizes post-insertion adjustment.

• Lifelike graphics and an upgraded touchscreen improve user interactions.

• New streamlined design accommodates robust disinfection techniques.

Manufacturer Information
Dentsply Sirona

Storm Hagen, DDS
Hagen Dental
Fountain Valley, California

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