Inside Dentistry
March 2019
Volume 15, Issue 3

New Products

A  |  Mirror Suction

The Mirror Suction is a mouth mirror that provides strong suction through the mirror head when connected to a high-volume evacuator valve.

B  |  SolFlex 170

VOCO's SolFlex 170 printer features sensor-monitored production, an optional built-in laser sensor that measures the peeling forces to optimize the building speed, and patented Flex-Vat technology.

C  |  GlasSpan®

GlasSpan is a flexible ceramic fiber reinforcement system that combines superior bonding, ease of application, and excellent esthetics with out-standing, long-term dimensional stability.

D  |  EZ 2000 Plus Dental Software

One of the most advanced dental office solutions on the market, EZ 2000 Plus Dental Software offers a variety of features, including 3-dimensional graphic color tooth charting, automatic text messaging and emailing, and more.

E  |  QuickScan IOS

The QuickScan IOS is a 3-dimensional intraoral scanner that allows for a full, radiation-free diagnostic scan of the inside of the mouth.

F  |  Spring TC-3

The TC-3 curing light features a unique, flat-back head and bigger lens that measures 11 mm. The wider lens is designed to easily cover larger areas, such as a 10 mm molar, for a fast cure that doesn't miss any surfaces.

G  |  CS 9600 CBCT Imaging System

Carestream Dental's new imaging system, the CS 9600, blends 2D panoramic technology and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) imaging with 3D facial scanning to enable new levels of image quality, usability, and precise diagnostic capabilities. This system ensures reliable patient positions, reproducible results, and exceptional images.

H  |  Estelite Universal Flow

Tokuyama Dental America has announced the release of Estelite Universal Flow, a new, supra-nano-filled flowable composite available in three viscosities: high, medium, and super low. This provides clinicians with the ideal flow for a wide range of indications. Estelite Universal Flow delivers high strength and long-term wear resistance for durable restorations while providing low shrinkage stress and outstanding stain resistance for high patient satisfaction.

I  |  Ivoclar Vivadent Efficient Esthetics

Ivoclar Vivadent has introduced its Efficient Esthetics product portfolio for direct restorative procedures. Designed with dentists in mind, these products achieve high-quality esthetic restorations with greater efficiency and predictability.

J  |  Primescan

The Primescan intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona can scan areas up to 20 millimeters in depth. The scanning of tooth surfaces is accomplished with high-resolution sensors and shortwave light, capturing up to 1 million 3D data points per second. With optical high-frequency contrast analysis, calculations can be performed more accurately than ever before.

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