Inside Dentistry
February 2019
Volume 15, Issue 2

Pro-V® C&B

A fast-setting material for strong, esthetic temporaries

Kirk Poldek, DDS Private Practice South Barrington, Illinois

I received my degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2003 and have been in solo practice since 2007. The best part of my job is being able to get to know my patients and work together to help them achieve a healthy smile that they are proud to show. Not every patient is the same, and it is important that they are treated as such during treatment planning and procedures. Keeping myself educated and up-to-date on new technologies and materials allows me to provide my patients with the best care available.

One of the most exciting aspects of the dental industry is that new materials are being adapted, updated, and created every day. I am a product evaluator, so I get to try out materials-including Bisco's Pro-V® C&B temporary crown and bridge material-prior to the official launch date. Using many new products has given me confidence in knowing what features I like and what features I dislike in the materials that I use. I started using Pro-V C&B at my practice for provisional crowns and bridges, and the material impressed me for many reasons, including the 4-minute set time. I have also found that there is no distortion after removal. When compared with some other brands that I have used previously, the material is very strong and makes my restorations extremely durable.

Strength and set time are important features, but a material that I use for restorations must have excellent esthetics as well. The Pro-V C&B polishes great and provides a natural looking restoration, which is something that is significant to both my patients and me. Not all materials finish with a natural luster in the way that this material finishes.

When choosing materials at my practice, I make sure that my assistants are pleased with them as well. They will also be using them, and it is necessary for them to be happy and comfortable with what they are using. Regarding Pro-V C&B, my assistants enjoy using it on our patients and put it at the top of their list of available temporary materials.

Apart from the clinical features of Pro-V C&B, one of the best benefits of using the material is that it simplifies my practice. I have found that my work is more streamlined because I do not need to waste time and money remaking temporaries. The material does not stick to buildups, which allows me to work as efficiently as possible, and increased efficiency is positive for my assistants, my patients, and my practice as a whole. I would tell other clinicians who are looking into new provisional materials that when it comes to Bisco's Pro-V C&B, the strength is exceptional, the polish is great, and the set time is just right.

Key Takeaways

1. High flexural and compressive strength values reduce the risk that a temporary restoration will fracture in the mouth when subjected to high or sudden masticatory loading.

2. The strong material results in durable temporary restorations that fracture less frequently during removal and fitting.

3. Quick removal from the impression and natural luster save time and money.

4. The translucency, opalescence, and lifelike fluorescence emulate the esthetics of natural teeth.

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