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Inside Dentistry
February 2019
Volume 15, Issue 2

Kleer Membership Plans

A turnkey program that benefits your patients and your practice

James Turley, DDS Private Practice Billings, Montana

I have been in general practice in Montana since 1984. I practiced on my own until 2003 before hiring my first associate, and he became my partner 2 years later. Currently, we have two office locations in the area and nine associate dentists. During the past 30-plus years of my career, I have learned that it is important to continually educate yourself and your staff about the latest advances in both the clinical and business aspects of dentistry. The dental industry is constantly changing, and it is important to stay abreast of as many innovations as possible in order to provide the highest level of personalized care to your patients.

One of the recent advancements that we have adopted at our offices is offering Kleer membership plans to our patients. Prior to beginning to work with Kleer, I had been considering implementing a membership program at my practices for some time. However, I hesitated due to the potential administrative headaches that could result from managing the memberships, both for my staff and for myself. It felt like it was going to be a huge new undertaking, but once I finally decided to begin offering the plans at my office, this did not end up being the case.

An excellent benefit of Kleer is that they handle all of the administrative issues that I was concerned about instead of leaving you to your own devices. They advertise their membership plans as "turnkey," and that is absolutely what I experienced when we began offering Kleer. The setup process went smoothly, and their customer service department was readily available to help our staff when any issues arose. We were able to design our own membership plan and begin to offer it to our uninsured patients without having to deal with a middleman. Patients can sign up for the plan at the office or on the practice's website. The Kleer portal makes it easy to track members and revenue, enroll new members, and edit your plan.

Lack of insurance is a huge reason why patients do not keep up with their oral health and fail to come into the office for a cleaning two times per year, which ultimately means that they are not keeping up with their overall health. Using Kleer, we can offer a dental plan directly to our patients without involving insurance companies. Instead of paying out of pocket, our uninsured patients pay a subscription fee for the membership plan, which covers the cost of their cleanings and provides discounts for any other treatments they may need.

The response from our uninsured patients who have signed up has been overwhelmingly positive. A trip to the dentist has become a completely different experience for them. They no longer have to worry about paying a burdensome cost, so they do not miss as many cleanings as they did previously.

Key Takeaways

1. Kleer removes the worry and administrative burden of running a homegrown membership plan.

2. Kleer offers great customer support, which is key to launching and operating a successful membership plan.

3 .A membership plan can create a more positive experience for your patients.

4. Membership plan patients keep their appointments more often and accept more treatment than uninsured patients.

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