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Inside Dentistry
October 2018
Volume 14, Issue 10

Topical Anesthetic Works Quickly, Effectively

Kathy Bassett, RDH, a dental hygiene professor at Pierce College, on Oraqix® from Dentsply Sirona

For nearly 50 years, I have worked in various forms of dentistry, including as a hygienist in general practice, pediatrics, and oral surgery. I have been involved with the administration of local anesthesia for 40 of those years, so Oraqix® from Dentsply Sirona has interested me since its inception. The adaptation of 2.5% lidocaine and 2.5% prilocaine topical anesthetic for dental applications with Oraqix has been a real game changer.

1.  FDA approved anesthetic for scaling and/or root planing (SRP) procedures.
2. Oraqix is a needle-free anesthetic that's applied subgingivally, making for a more comfortable and less invasive SRP procedure.
3. Oraqix is a non-injectable, pH neutral anesthetic, which is safe for use on inflamed tissue and can be used in conjunction with injectable anesthetics.

Why is Oraqix so useful? It can be delivered in a gel state and at the same angulations that hygienists are accustomed to, but without an injection.

How is its fast onset time helpful? The ability to start on the first tooth immediately after applying Oraqix maximizes the efficiency of our appointments.

What is the significance of the premeasured packaging? It resembles that of injectables, so unlike other topicals, I know how much of the drug has been administered to the patient.

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