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Inside Dentistry
September 2018
Volume 14, Issue 9

Open, Fast, and Intuitive Intraoral Scanning

David A. Little, DDS, owner of Professionals in Dentistry in San Antonio, Texas, on the CS 3600 from Carestream Dental

1. The CS 3600 intraoral scanner works the way you do with three task-specific workflows to choose from: restorative, orthodontic, and implant.
2. Fast, continuous scanning increases patient comfort, eliminates the need to manipulate buttons, and produces accurate digital impressions. The high-definition, 3D images improve your communication with patients, practices, and laboratories.
3. The CS 3600 intraoral scanner integrates seamlessly into your environment, and with its open architecture, it makes sharing files with your laboratory simple and straightforward.

Why is the CS 3600's speed important?
When you do full arches and frequent implant work, you need to be able to scan in an efficient manner.

How is it intuitive for your assistants?
The training videos are great, and the live scanning warnings allow them to stay focused on the mouth rather than the screen.

How does intraoral scanningmake you a better dentist?
Seeing and evaluating the impression in three dimensions leads to increased accuracy for the final restorations.

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