Inside Dentistry
September 2018
Volume 14, Issue 9

Appliance Provides Patients with Low-Cost, Esthetic Smile Makeover

Terri Alani, DDS, on DenMat’s Snap-On Smile®

For 30 years, I have owned a private practice in Houston, Texas, where I specialize in cosmetic dentistry. It's important to me to help patients feel their best, and DenMat's Snap-On Smile® provides an esthetically pleasing alternative to traditional cosmetic enhancements at an extremely affordable price. The appliance can be used as a temporary, but also exhibits the long-term strength to serve as a low-cost, quality smile makeover for patients who cannot afford more definitive restorative options. In addition to the rewarding feeling that I receive from immediately improving the quality of life of my patients, their experience of living with better function and superior esthetics can motivate them to pursue more involved restoration in the future when funds become available.

1. Imparts better esthetics than other removable appliances because it covers an entire arch.
2. Provides a long-term provisional option for patients who cannot afford permanent treatment.
3. Offers an easy solution to adjust collapsed bites.

What types of patients benefit from the Snap-On Smile?
It helps patients of all budgets and backgrounds as a temporary or long-term cosmetic solution.

How has the product been a game changer for you
Not only do I get to help patients feel their best, but this solution is also a huge revenue generator.

How long does it last?
It lasts from 3 to 5 years. Patients may wear it as they please,  but are educated on proper appliance use and

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