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June 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6

TPH Spectra® ST

Revere the sphere

Timothy Bizga, DDS, FAGD

My background in dentistry is diverse, and I think that gives me a unique perspective in the field. Before becoming a general dentist in Cleveland, Ohio, I was a chairside assistant, and I have also worked as a dental lab technician. My current practice focuses on comprehensive care, but I am especially interested in implants, cosmetics, and facial esthetics.

When I'm not in the office, I enjoy listening to what the latest thought leaders are saying in their subject areas of expertise, so I especially love TED talks. In one such talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy emphasizes that tiny tweaks can lead to big changes. I can see where this proves true in life. For example, in sports, gaining the advantage and ultimately winning can be determined by the smallest adjustments made. But does this idea of tiny tweaks leading to big changes apply to dentistry?

Some of the changes that we see in dental materials seem so small and incremental that it leaves one to wonder if they are in fact making any noticeable clinical difference. In other words, do these features and benefits have any real influence over my day-to-day clinical practice? I would say that they do. One small change that is making a big impact is the SphereTEC filler technology incorporated into the new universal composite TPH Spectra® ST. To improve the formula of TPH Spectra, Dentsply Sirona interviewed clinicians to find out what they wanted in a material and incorporated the features into TPH Spectra ST. SphereTEC's proprietary science and design offers low-stick, optimized handling in a material that is easily polished to a high luster. The composite also has a 60% greater wear resistance when compared with the previous generation.

The spherical shape of the filler in TPH Spectra ST is designed to draw unwanted resin away from the surface of the uncured material, optimizing handling and minimizing the unwanted pullback and slump associated with "sticky" composites. The SphereTEC technology in TPH Spectra ST also creates a very homogeneous distribution of filler particles throughout the resin matrix. The benefits of this are clinically evident in how little effort is needed to bring the surface luster to an incredibly high shine, regardless of whether a one- or two-step polishing protocol is used.

In addition, the SphereTEC filler technology optimizes light transmission and the refractory index of the material, affording the clinician a chameleon effect so lifelike that the composite is even suitable for cases with the highest esthetic demands.

With all of the benefits offered by this new formulation, TPH Spectra ST proves that small changes can make a big difference-even in dentistry.

Key Takeaways

1. Offers easy adaptation to the cavity, non-stickiness to instruments, excellent sculptability and slump resistance, and quick polishability.

2. Utilizes an intuitive "CLOUD" shading system that covers the entire VITA shade range with five shades, streamlining your composite inventory and making shade selection simple and accurate.

3. Allows you to choose your preferred viscosity (ie, creamy and spreadable or firm and packable) and enjoy elevated performance in the areas that matter most.

4. Provides excellent stain resistance with faster finishing, high polish, and 60% greater wear resistance.

Manufacturer Information

Denstply Sirona Restorative

About the Author

Timothy Bizga, DDS, FAGD
Private Practice
Cleveland, Ohio

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