Inside Dentistry
June 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6

Predictably Increase Stability and Shorten Healing Time

Jim Eggleston, DDS, owner of Eggleston Dental Care in Turlock, California, on the Hiossen ET Implant System

1. Corkscrew thread exhibits powerful self-threading ability, facilitates easy path change, and demonstrates robust initial stability. 2. Superhydrophilic surface increases platelet adhesion by 12%. 3.The ETIII NH's unique bioresorbable apatite nano coating shortens bone healing time and improves secondary attachment forces.

What makes you confident about using ET Implants? The thread design gives me primary stability every time I place an implant.

How is this system different than others you've used previously? The system is extremely tight. All the prosthetic parts fit together snugly.

What makes Hiossen stand out? Availability of parts is vital, and my representative ensures that I am always fully stocked for any possible case.

At the start of my career, I received a few implant cases back from a specialist that were far less than ideal, so I decided to learn how to place them myself. I took a course, placed a few implants, attended more courses, placed more implants, and eventually started teaching. After 20 years of placing implants, I would emphasize that other than continuing education, finding the right implant system is the most important component to achieving success when offering this treatment. Hiossen has everything that I need; the Hiossen ET Implant system has become my go-to system.

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