Inside Dentistry
June 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6

New Products

A  |  Tokuyama Universal Bond

A two-component, self-curing universal adhesive for self-, selective-, and total-etching. High bond strength provides reliable adhesion for direct and indirect restorations. Compatible with all substrates without the need for additional primers or activators. It features quick and easy application with no wait time and virtually no postoperative sensitivity.

B  |  ChlorCid® Surf Canal Preparation Solution

Ultradent has introduced ChlorCid Surf, a root canal sodium hypochlorite solution with surfactants. It features the added cleansing power of
surfactants to break the surface tension and allow for better sodium hypochlorite penetration into difficult-to-reach places like isthmuses and lateral canals.

C  |  C-Series Carbide Burs

The unique and durable single-piece construction of the C-Series carbide burs can enhance patient care and minimize unforeseen handpiece repairs, improving clinicians' daily practice flow. In addition to its innovative single-piece solid
carbide construction, C-Series carbide burs feature improved
blade geometry for extremely
rapid and precise cutting.

D  |  Tri Auto ZX2

This handpiece features a compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator. Tri Auto ZX2 may be used for achieving apical patency and creating a glide path with the new Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function. It allows subtle and delicate manipulation of the file, facilitating faster and safer treatment in even the most difficult cases involving constricted or extremely curved canals.

E  |  HC Block/Disk

Developed to provide clinicians with the ability to restore teeth in one appointment, HC Block/Disk combines the synergy of ceramics and resin composites with their respective beneficial attributes. Intended for anterior/posterior and long-term provisional restorations, HC Block/Disk offers fast milling time without the need for firing/sintering.

F  |  Tooth & Gums Essentials

With a blend of powerful essential oils and herbal extracts, patients can reduce harmful bacteria and inflammation commonly associated with gum disease.

G  |  Aesthetic Z+

Aesthetic Z+ represents a technological advancement that provides the assurance of higher strength and better aesthetics.

H  |  DentiMax Cloud Imaging

DentiMax Cloud Imaging gives dental providers access to all their digital x-ray and extraoral images from any web-enabled device.

I  |  ChairsideCAD

ChairsideCAD is the first complete open architecture CAD/CAM software platform for single-visit dentistry.

J  |  CALAJECT Computer Assisted Anesthesia Delivery

CALAJECT helps deliver pain-free local anesthesia injections by regulating the flow rate of the anesthetic, ensuring a gentle, predictable delivery below the perceptible pain threshold.

k  |  FirstFit

FirstFit is a guided dentistry system that utilizes innovative digital technology and a series of 3D printed preparation guides-enabling clinicians to prepare and seat a crown, bridge, or veneers in a single visit.

l  |  Unique Implant

The Unique implant is a diverse, tapered, self-drilling and -tapping titanium screw. The carvings and variable multi-thread design offer an excellent initial fixation of the implant and prevents undesired bone loss around it.

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