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Inside Dentistry
June 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6

Advanced Implants Address Today’s Clinical Challenges

Timothy Kosinski, DDS, MAGD, owner of SMILE CREATOR of Bingham Farms, Bingham Farms, Michigan, on Glidewell’s HahnTM Tapered Implant System

1. Select from a comprehensive assortment of prosthetic components designed to facilitate a full range of restorative protocols. 2. The Hahn Tapered Implant features a platform-shift connection to preserve crestal bone and surrounding soft tissue. 3. Designed for ease of use, The Hahn Tapered Implant Guided Surgery System allows clinicians to deliver Hahn Tapered Implants with the highest level of predictability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Why did you choose to start using Hahn implants on your patients? They're extremely high-quality at a very reasonable cost, which is important to me.

How do Hahn implants differ from others that you've used in the past? The Hahn Implant is tremendously stable in all regions of the mouth.

Do they increase your confidence when placing implants? Yes. I have no doubt that when healing is complete, the end result will be phenomenally esthetic.

I first heard about dental implants in 1984 and started placing them in 1985. I thought it was fascinating that we could put a piece of metal in a patient’s mouth and drastically enhance his or her quality of life. Since then, I have placed over 13,000 implants, and I have worked with many different types depending on the needs of each case. Jack Hahn, DDS, the designer of the HahnTM Implant and one of my mentors, took the best characteristics and designs from past implants and engineered a new design that I fell in love with—the HahnTM Tapered Implant System.

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