Inside Dentistry
June 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6

A Unique Approach to a Fixed, Hybrid Restoration

Cory Glenn, DDS, vice president of technology at Blue Sky Bio, on Burbank Dental Lab’s SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis

1. Finished SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis with cobalt-chrome (Co-Cr) frame bonded in. 2. Co-Cr frame made opaque and ready to be bonded to the unfinished composite. 3. Facial view of the finished SmartComposite Hybrid Prosthesis with final pink tissue application shown.

What makes the SmartComposite unique? It has a milled Co-Cr framework underneath, which provides added strength with no flexing.

Is the material durable? Very. Any white in the restoration is monolithic composite, so there are far less issues with chipping when compared to other materials.

Have patients been happy with their results? Extremely happy. The monolithic composite has multiple translucencies, so the esthetics are great.

Dental practitioners learn very elaborate procedures in dental school, but not many people can afford them in the real world. After graduation, I wanted to find a way to provide high-end treatment at an affordable price. This led me to go digital. I started doing same-day dentistry, then I implemented guided surgery and 3D printing. Eventually, I developed a relationship with Burbank Dental Lab. Burbank is one of the few labs out there that understands the importance of every digital component of the workflow. Their products allow practioners to provide advanced procedures at reasonable prices.

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