Inside Dentistry
March 2018
Volume 14, Issue 3

Next-Generation CAD/CAM Material Achieves Strong Bond

Jack Griffin, DMD, AAACD, owner of My Smile Center in Lake St. Louis, Missouri, on Shofu Dental Corporation’s Block & Disk HC

The most beautiful smiles in the world are the ones that we see every day on the faces of happy patients at our practice. We maintain a clean, warm, comfortable environment and use the best technology, products, and techniques. Our priority is delivering great restorations at the pinnacle of patient convenience. One innovative CAD/CAM material that has helped fulfill this mission is Block & Disk HC. It features a unique nanostructure, polymerization mode, and matrix composition; augmented filler content; and a highly homogenous formulation-all of which allow for an exceptionally strong bond to the tooth and the option of adding composite if necessary.

How does Block and Disk HC represent the best synergy of ceramic and composite materials?

It displays tooth-like strength, esthetics, and functionality.

How does it simplify the workflow?

 Block & Disk HC doesn't require firing/sintering and has a very fast milling time, wet or dry.

What is the effect of its high milling accuracy and marginal integrity?

 It is ideal for the reproduction of cusps, ridges, and incisal edges, and it can be adjusted chairside.

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