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Inside Dentistry
March 2018
Volume 14, Issue 3

New Products

A| Vita Zirconia YZ HT Shade Liquids

Designed for convenient chairside solutions, Vita Zirconia YZ HT Shade Liquids deliver a perfect shade match each and every time. The new shade liquids eliminate the need to stock countless preshaded blocks.


B | Waterpik® Whitening Water Flosser

Clinically proven to remove an additional 25% of teeth stains vs. brushing alone, the Waterpik® Whitening Water Flosser is as gentle as regular toothpaste.


C | Infinity® All-Purpose Resin-Ionomer Cement

Infinity is a self-adhesive, self-etch, fluoride-releasing, resin-ionomer, dual-cure cement. Its high bond strength, tough fracture resistance, and low film thickness make Infinity the ideal material for cementing all restorations. Infinity is designed to minimize placement and postoperative sensitivity.



V-Posil Mono Fast is a monophase VPS impression material that offers optimized timing that provides up to 2 minutes of adjustable working time as well as an abbreviated 2-minute thermo-activated set time.  V-Posil provides exceptional tear strength and elastic recovery.


E | ProStyle E

Designed to deliver exceptional power, precision, and sound quality while minimizing hand fatigue, Lares Research has introduced the new ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System. The system includes an autoclavable motor, a motor control box, a 1:5 high-speed fiberoptic contra angle, a 1:1 low-speed fiberoptic contra angle, and a 1:1 straight attachment.


F | DWX-52DCi and DWX-52D

Roland DGA has announced the introduction of two innovative DGSHAPE 5-axis dental milling machines: the DWX-52DCi automatic disc changer model, with new DWINDEX software for monitoring operations and productivity at a glance, and the DWX-52D with value-added upgrades to the industry-standard DWX-51D.

G | Provision Anti-Fog Solution

Palmero Healthcare has introduced its new Provision Anti-Fog Solution, an alcohol-free, optical foaming cleaning solution that resists scratches, static, and stains. Provision Anti-Fog Solution is compatible with all eyewear, face shields, mirrors, loupes, and scopes. The foam formula yields 5 times the applications compared to a traditional pump or squeeze bottle.

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