Inside Dentistry
March 2018
Volume 14, Issue 3

A Simplified, Self-Etching Bonding Agent

Paresh Patel, DDS, owner of Implants by Patel in Lenoir, North Carolina, on DenMat’s Tenure® Uni-Bond®

I practice in a small community in North Carolina, and one of our primary goals is to be compassionate and empathetic to our patients. If we can help even one patient move forward, then we are doing our job for the community. Not everyone can afford full-arch treatment, so we always try to find alternative pathways to better oral health. As such, basic restorative work is a significant part of our practice, and DenMat's family of adhesive products helps us excel in that area.

Why is this generation of the Tenure line so beneficial?

It bonds to everything, so I do not need to use different techniques with different materials.

How does self-etching help?

After we cut the tooth, Tenure Uni-Bond penetrates the smear layer and adheres to the tooth structure without opening the dental tubules.

What does the included Gloss-N-Seal do?

After resin is placed, the Gloss-N-Seal provides a thin layer of protectant to prevent microleakage.

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