Inside Dentistry
January 2018
Volume 14, Issue 1

Efficient, Effective, and Affordable Fluoride for All Ages

Mark E. Hyman, DDS, a private practitioner in Greensboro, North Carolina, on DenMat’s Fluoridex®

1. Fluoridex is offered in multiple formulas for your patient needs: Daily Defense, Whitening, Sensitivity Relief, Sensitivity Relief SLS Free, and a 0.63% stannous fluoride rinse.
2. Rotadent ProCare and Fluoridex complement each other perfectly as premium homecare solutions—with a proven track record of compliance—that are available exclusively through dental professionals.
3. The Sensitivity Relief SLS Free formula provides the same protection with 5% potassium nitrate for sensitivity relief, without added sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Studies have shown SLS-free toothpaste to help reduce outbreaks for people with recurrent aphthous ulcers.

What are the specific benefits of Fluoridex? We have found Fluoridex to be really efficient, effective, and affordable for our patients. We offer it to every adult.

Why is fluoride helpful for orthodontic patients? Invisible aligners have become very popular, but they are like trays that hold sugar next to the teeth.

Why do you recommend that Fluoridexbe used with the Rotadent ProCare toothbrush? Patients simply cannot clean as well with a manual, handheld toothbrush.

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