Inside Dentistry
January 2018
Volume 14, Issue 1

Dentistry’s Best Hands- Free Suction Solution

Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD, ACE, a dental assistant and educator in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Kulzer’s Ivory® ReLeaf™

1. Kulzer's Ivory ReLeaf is a hands-free suction device that connects to existing dental vacuum systems in less than 60 seconds.
2. Ivory ReLeaf assists with evacuation, retraction, and maintenance of a dry field during various dental and hygiene procedures and allows practitioners to work in all four quadrants with ergonomic comfort and a full view of the oral cavity.

How does Ivory ReLeaf fit patients? The shape and size are perfect for patient comfort. We can avoid the need for bite blocks and work in any area of the mouth.

What are some of the applications? Ivory ReLeaf helps us with sealants, intraoral scans, chairside crown cases, in-office whitening, and more.

Does it present the same backflow risk as saliva ejectors? The patient does not close their mouth around it, so there is no risk of backflow.

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