Inside Dentistry
December 2017
Volume 13, Issue 12


Superior strength with the look and feel of an anterior composite

•Optimal viscosity for single-layer placement, handling, and filling capability

• Category-leading depth of cure (minimum of 5.0 mm ISO)

•Exceptional radiopacity for easy detection (4.0 mm AI)

REVEAL® HD Bulk is a light-cured, bulk-fill composite designed to improve the quality and timeliness of restorations. Combining superior levels of handling, placement, and depth of cure, REVEAL HD Bulk is optimized to reduce the time needed to place multiple layers of composite to ensure a strong restoration, allowing for easier, faster posterior restorations. With REVEAL HD Bulk, practitioners get all of the strength and hardness they'd expect from a layering composite, the depth of cure necessary to apply the material in a single layer, and the handling ability to do it all quickly and easily—saving time and money.

Bisco has perfected a filler-resin system refractive index that is nearly an ideal match, which means that light is effectively refracted and distributed throughout the material, allowing for an optimized depth of cure. This category-leading depth of cure ensures a solid restoration from the top down. Without the need for layering or placing a base or liner, clinicians can create a single-layer restoration and be confident that there is no uncured material left at the bottom to compromise its long-term success.

REVEAL HD Bulk has a propriety filler technology that facilitates exceptional filler loading and allows for uniquely superior handling and polishability. These characteristics give REVEAL HD Bulk the look and feel of an anterior composite with the strength and depth of cure necessary to create resilient posterior restorations. The prepolymerized ytterbium trifluoride filler complex also allows for exceptional radiopacity and strength while reducing shrinkage. This increased radiopacity provides practitioners with a means to monitor the integrity of the restoration as well as the potential development of secondary caries—all of which makes REVEAL HD Bulk an optimally-functioning posterior composite.

Furthermore, the proprietary filler technology imparts superior handling ability, which provides an advantage over other current bulk-fill products without compromising on features like strength, shrinkage, and depth of cure. The exceptional ease-of-use allows for simple and convenient placement of the composite in the preparation, while minimizing stickiness and pull-back. REVEAL HD Bulk's unique formula ensures that the composite fills the necessary margins without void or undesired placement, can be applied in a single layer throughout the entirety of the preparation, and possesses superior physical qualities to help design a posterior restoration with confidence.

Once placed as desired, REVEAL HD Bulk offers the strength, hardness, and limited shrinkage necessary to establish a level of resiliency in restorations that can't be achieved with other bulk-fill materials.

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