Inside Dentistry
December 2017
Volume 13, Issue 12

Ivory® ReLeaf

Easy, efficient, and comfortable hands-free suction

•Provides hands-free suction for a wide range of procedures

•Reduces procedure times by up to 15 minutes when compared with other suction systems

•Enhances comfort and convenience for both patients and clinicians

•Increases patient safety by eliminating the risk of backflow

Kulzer's Ivory® ReLeaf is a hands-free, high-volume dental suction device that assists clinicians with evacuation, isolation, retraction, and maintenance of a dry field while scaling, root planing, polishing, doing full-mouth debridements, placing sealants, and performing various restorative procedures. When compared with the use of conventional suction devices, Ivory ReLeaf facilitates the completion of procedures up to 15 minutes faster by relieving the clinician of the burden of having to constantly stop procedures to perform suction with a saliva ejector.

Key to Ivory ReLeaf's efficacy is the unique design of its disposable leaves. Rather than relying on the shape of the arch or the orientation of the teeth, the leaf uses the patient's cheek and vestibule area for support and provides 280° of suction around its circumference.

Ivory ReLeaf's one-size-fits-all mouthpiece is soft and comfortable. During treatment, patients can move their heads left and right and up and down and communicate on a two-way basis with the clinician. When needed, they simply close their lips to create a vacuum and suction away any remaining fluids. Because Ivory ReLeaf does not obstruct the airway, patients are less likely to feel claustrophobic, and because the device does not reach the soft pallet, gag reflexes are rarely an issue.

Ivory ReLeaf provides the clinician with a full, unobstructed view of the oral cavity. As a result of this and its other design features, Ivory ReLeaf allows clinicians to work more ergonomically and sit straight for longer periods, reduces back pain, and minimizes eyestrain. Importantly, it leaves the assistant free to focus on the procedure at hand or even simultaneously perform other tasks.

Ivory ReLeaf can also enhance patient safety. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when patients close their lips around low-volume saliva ejectors, backflow can occur when the pressure in the patient's mouth is lower than that of the evacuator. This backflow, which can contain waste material from previous patients, colonized biofilm from the tubing, and chemicals from flushing the lines, is not an issue with ReLeaf.

Because it conveniently connects to existing dental high-volume evacuation (HVE) systems and is adaptable to all standard dental unit hardware, Ivory ReLeaf takes less than 60 seconds to set up. It comes with both an 8-inch, quick-disconnect hose and a 48-inch HVE attachment hose with a quick-disconnect adapter. All of the hardware, including the U-shaped connectors, is 100% autoclavable.

Despite all of these benefits, Ivory ReLeaf is still significantly less expensive than most alternatives. The disposable leaves are priced at approximately $1.00 each, and the hoses and U-shaped connectors are very inexpensive as well, by comparison.

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