Inside Dentistry
November 2017
Volume 13, Issue 11

New Products

A | creos™ xenogain

Nobel Biocare introduced creos regenerative solutions–an extensive array of options for guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration procedures. For quick and easy application of the graft, creos xenogain bone substitutes are delivered sterile and come either in a vial, in a syringe, or in a bowl ready for mixing.

B | NiTin™ Sectional Matrix System

Used primarily for Class II posterior composite restorations, the NiTin™ system from Reinvent Dental Products differentiates itself from the competition by its ring construction. Created from drawn-wire Nitinol, the material undergoes a process of molecular alignment that produces unparalleled spring qualities, ensuring “like new” separating forces, even after hundreds of uses.  


C | Denture Clone

In a time when everything is digital, Denture Clone provides a denture in 1 to 2 visits with no computer or CAD. WIth basic steps, a practical design, and a very affordable price, Denture Clone gets the job done quickly and accurately. 

D | TPH Spectra® ST Universal Composite

Uniquely designed with a new and novel filler technology, SphereTEC™, TPH Spectra® ST Universal Composite simplifies the path to long-lasting, esthetic restorations. It lets you choose your preferred viscosity—creamy and spreadable or firm and packable—and enjoy elevated performance in the areas that matter most: easy adaptation to the cavity, non-stickiness to your instrument, excellent sculptability and slump resistance, and quick polishability to a high gloss.

E | KaVo OP 3D

The OP 3D is a unit with the ability to serve a wide range of dental imaging needs. It is a complete X-ray platform that makes imaging workflow more efficient with intuitive and easy-to-use programs.

F | SR Conversations

SR Conversations goes beyond simple two-way texting by helping practices communicate with patients individually and prioritize which messages need the most immediate response. Patients get quick answers to questions in a way that makes life easier for everyone.

E | SFT Composite

The Waterlase Side Firing Tip in conjunction with the REPAIR  Implant Protocol and a Waterlase All-Tissue Laser System transforms the management of peri-implantitis. The tip is superior to traditional implant debridement methods, as it is ideal for safely and effectively debriding implant threads.

H | Expanded Handpiece Repair Service

The expanded handpiece repair service focuses on premium parts and fast turnaround times with most repairs completed within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. Same-day repairs available on highspeed air handpieces. 

I | Frau Fowler’s Highly Effetive Tooth & Gum Powder

A total oral care product that’s as antiseptic as mouthwash. Science-backed ingredients combat dry mouth. It is also high in trace minerals to combat enamel sensitivity. Edible ingredients, fun to use, tastes great, and no water required!


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