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Inside Dentistry
November 2017
Volume 13, Issue 11

High Quality Implants at a Fair Price

Q&A with David Painter of Implant Direct

Inside Dentistry: What was the rationale behind the new logo and rebranding that Implant Direct has undergone?

Implant Direct: We are revitalizing our brand because we have never told the marketplace who we are and where we came from. We have had incredible success during our first 10 years, providing high quality implants at a fair price along with service and support, but most of our customers do not know our story. It’s time to let dentists and the dental community know who Implant Direct is. 

Inside Dentistry: What do you want dental professionals to know about the company?

Implant Direct: Implant Direct will be able to meet dental professionals’ needs without compromise. They do not need to worry about sacrificing quality or care for a lower price. Dentists want parts that are safe and effective, and we manufacture 100% of our implants and abutments to exacting standards in a world-class facility in Los Angeles, California. Dentists also want support, and although we were previously just an online-only store, we now offer every service and support model available to our customers. We offer inside and outside sales representatives, a customer support team that answers calls in 6 seconds, a technical team with significant implant knowledge, and a robust library of videos for support. Dentists want to be able to treat cases of varying complexity, and they don’t want to miss out because their implant partner does not offer a full suite of products and services. We are a one-stop shop with a breadth of products to treat all degrees of complexities for patients.

Inside Dentistry: What makes Implant Direct unique?

Implant Direct: Our mission is to deliver access to a healthy smile to everyone, everywhere. We provide a premium product at an attractive price, so a dentist does not need to compromise. Dentists can now offer implants to more patients, and patients can get the treatment that they need and deserve. Implant Direct is refreshingly different because of our true passion to make the lives of human beings better. 

Inside Dentistry: How will you be getting out your message?

Implant Direct: We will be telling our story comprehensively through digital, social media, and print. Our people are our brand as well. They tell their stories because they are a part of our story. We know that we offer a great product and complete support, and sometimes the best thing you can do for your brand is deliver. Making our promise a reality is integral to how we tell our story. 

Inside Dentistry: What is Implant Direct’s vision for what its customers will need in the future?

Implant Direct: We have grown into a market-leading, $100-million-plus company in less than 10 years, but we will support dentists even more in the future. We are proud to be owned by the Danaher Corporation, an ~16-billion company, including a $2.8-billion dental platform, with products in more than 90% of dental offices, globally. Now that we are a fully-integrated partner company operating within the Danaher dental platform, we have all of the tools and resources necessary to support dentists now and in the future.

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