Inside Dentistry
September 2017
Volume 13, Issue 9

The Most Powerful and Dependable Curing Light

The Fusion® 5 with dual cure attachment from DentLight

A curing light may seem to be a simple product, but by listening to the experienced dentists about their needs, DentLight has been able to develop one that stands out as Best of Class: the Fusion® 5 curing light with available Fusion® Twinhead dual cure attachment.

“If you talk to them and explain an issue, they listen and are responsive with helpful solutions,” says Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD, a general dentist in Fort Lee, New Jersey. “They are eager to help provide what we need as practitioners and restorative dentists. That is how they develop so many useful and popular products.”

Glazer, a past president of the Academy of General Dentistry who has practiced for 42 years, started with one of the earlier Fusion 4 curing lights several years ago.

“I admired the ingenuity of it—the light weight, the durability, and the power,” he says. “It was an incredibly powerful light. It was also less costly than some comparable lights on the market.”

Glazer now uses the Fusion 5, which provides 4000 mW/cm2 uniform intensity across a 10-mm curing tip. It is ergonomic, intuitive, and easy to use, featuring the thinnest tip with 90° angle access. Other features include solid aircraft aluminum construction, seamless integration with a backlit LCD interface, superb conversion efficiency with minimum heat generation, a 360° swivel head for easy access to the full oral cavity, and the ability to bond multiple restorations, crowns/veneers, and brackets in one click.

“I always talk about power of curing lights,” Glazer says. “According to DentLight’s literature, they are getting more power out of each individual head than some other lights entirely. When you use the light, the difference is apparent.”

One of Glazer’s mentors, Paul Belvedere, DDS, always advocated that Class II restorations (and often even Class I restorations) should be photo-cured simultaneously from the buccal and the lingual.

“The theory was that by doing that, we could minimize the amount of composite shrinkage that occurs when one side is pulled toward the light,” Glazer says. “If you have light sources on both sides, shrinkage is minimized.”

Glazer and Belvedere utilized a technique wherein the dentist held one light and the assistant held another. With DentLight’s dual head, however, that is not necessary.

“I can simply pop off the single light source on top of the Fusion curing light and snap on this dual head,” Glazer says. “It is wide enough to accommodate the widest of molars buccally and lingually.”

Another advantage of the dual head, he says, is that the lights swivel independently. An orthodontist could set up brackets and flip the heads to have a wider span to photo-cure multiple brackets simultaneously. A restorative dentist, when cementing multiple veneers, could place the two centrals and photo-cure them into position immediately.

As advantageous as Fusion curing lights can be for dentists, they also increase patient comfort.

“A lot of curing lights have an elbow bend at approximately 35° to 45°,” Glazer says. “That can be very difficult for any patient, but especially for a child. Conversely, DentLight’s heads are fairly flat, so you can get them into the buccal corridor more easily. You can reach further back, even in patients who have limited access. When using a double head, one of the heads still needs to fit into the buccal corridor. When you are working on a second or third molar, if your curing light has an elbow, and you are curing just one side at a time, it will either push out the cheek or get in the way of the tongue.”

Additionally, the Fusion is more than just a curing light; it is a versatile, multi-purpose light that includes other built-in features, such as a screening program for oral cancer, caries detection upgradeability, programs for teeth whitening, and photodynamic pain therapy for patients with TMJ disorders.

“It is somewhat all-encompassing because DentLight puts so much thought and consideration into developing its products,” Glazer says. “It is just an excellent light that is definitely advantageous to have in the office.”

Dentists should expect nothing less from DentLight, he adds.

“From loupe lights and loupes to cameras and curing lights,” Glazer says, “DentLight is a phenomenal company that consistently develops products to meet dentists’ needs.”

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Howard S. Glazer, DDS, FAGD
maintains a general practice in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

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