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Inside Dentistry
August 2017
Volume 13, Issue 8

Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery System

Daniel Davidian, DDS, Maintains

You have 84,600 seconds every day. What do you do with that time? Years ago, I set out to eradicate my patients’ pain and fear of going to the dentist. That is when I started buffering and quickly discovered that buffering local anesthetic was not only better for the patient, but also better for my team and me.

Beyond more money and a more reliable schedule, which are both by-products of buffering, we experienced significant time savings. We all crave more margin in our lives. We fill up our schedules with family, friends, and work. With traditional scheduling in dentistry, we run out of margin. However, since the introduction of buffering into my practice, my team, my patients, and I have all sorts of margin.

Now, we schedule our last patient at 2:30 pm, which allows us to leave an hour earlier then we did before buffering. This efficiency and effectiveness allows us to spend more time where it matters.

The Anutra Local Anesthetic Delivery Sys­tem has changed our practice forever. With buffering, we are raising the pH of the anesthetic to near physiologic pH levels, which results in a more reliable and fast-acting injection as well as a more comfortable experience for the patient.

By using Anutra, I am able to inject my patient and go to work almost immediately after injection. The majority of my patients will get numb in 2 to 3 minutes or less, and that is on blocks! By the time I set my syringe down and pick up my handpiece, many patients have reached pulpal anesthesia, and I am able to begin treatment.

Traditionally, we would leave the room and go check hygiene or check emails. This was inefficient, and the only reason we scheduled in such a convoluted manner was due to the inadequacies of lidocaine—and even articaine.

We all believe that we provide “pain-free” injections and schedule streamlined appointments, but what do our patients really think? Ever since I switched to buffering, I have had patients actually thank me after the injection for making it comfortable and fast. Once you’ve experienced that level of satisfaction from a patient who has received buffered anesthetic, you simply can’t go back to administering it any other way.

When you can drive more revenue in less time while getting your staff home early, you can see just how precious the time really is and the positive impact that buffering can have on your practice. I don’t just buffer for me. I buffer for my family, my staff, and my patients.

About the Author

Daniel Davidian, DDS, Maintains a private practice in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he focuses on sedation dentistry. He is also the founder of Anutra Medical.

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