Inside Dentistry
May 2017
Volume 13, Issue 5

iTero® Element™

Improve clinical outcomes, patient communication

The iTero® Element™ intraoral scanner delivers everything clinicians look for in advanced digital impression technology. Portable, powerful, and intuitive, this third-generation system is the rare jack-of-all-trades that does everything well. Offering robust, cross-discipline functionality, the software has settings for orthodontics, restorative treatment, endodontics, and laboratory use. The iTero Element scanner simplifies the day by streamlining workflows, improving clinical outcomes, and enhancing patient communication.

Offering the ultimate in schedule-friendly performance, the iTero Element scanner captures a full-arch, full-color 3D impression in as little as 60 seconds. The patented dual-aperture lens system simultaneously captures 2D images in color with highly accurate 3D images via laser scanning.

Driven by push-button convenience, the lightweight wand includes a diminutive touchpad for accessing the on-screen image uninterrupted while working on the patient. The "Scan-in-Color" function allows clinicians to easily distinguish between gingival and tooth structure, while the "Optimize Scanning" feature offers real-time feedback, capturing missing scan data prior to processing the case.

Once the scan is captured, the image is presented in vivid, lifelike color on the 19-inch high-definition, multi-touch display. The open-choice image can be rotated, spun, and zoomed using the same touch-screen actions that are used on phones and tablets.

Functionally, the iTero Element scanner offers a number of discipline-specific settings to assist the clinician and maximize clinical efficacy.

The new "TimeLapse" comparison tool lets the clinician show patients their tooth movement, tooth wear, and even changes to the intraoral soft tissue and gingival area that may occur between visits. This before-and-after imaging is a powerful way to enrich communication, establish trust, and encourage proactive oral-health decisions. "Restorative Pre-Treatment Scanning" enables clinicians to scan a tooth segment before preparation, which can assist them in matching the original tooth's shape and form.

The iTero Element is the only digital scanner that offers full Invisalign® connectivity, along with the exclusive "Invisalign Outcome Simulator." The Outcome Simulator is a chairside, cloud-based application that helps patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment. Practices can share these images directly with patients to aid in treatment acceptance.

The "3D Progress Assessment Tool" allows clinicians to compare a new scan with a specific stage of the "ClinCheck" treatment plan, enabling them to visually assess and communicate the treatment progress.

• TimeLapse shows tooth movement, tooth wear, and changes to the gingival tissue that occur between visits
• 1-minute scan-complete a full-mouth scan in as little as 60 seconds
• 3D, realistic full-color images show patients exactly what you see for high-impact chairside communication

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