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Inside Dentistry
January 2017
Volume 13, Issue 1

DryShield All-In-One Isolation System

One Device to Meet All Your Needs

• Autoclavable mouthpieces
• 2-quadrant dentistry
• Increases efficiency and productivity
• Shortens procedure times

Figure 1 | Technology should serve dentists rather than the other way around. Dentists want efficiency as well as productivity, and the ability to schedule their lives while living their desired lifestyle.

A practicing dentist designed DryShield to solve a problem that he and his colleagues faced—the need for an all-in-one isolation device that was autoclavable, comfortable, and simple to use. DryShield performs the tasks of the multitude of tools most dentists currently juggle, including high-suction evacuators, cotton rolls, bite blocks, and rubber dams.

The patented, autoclavable DryShield mouth­pieces are made of a soft, flexible silicone that contours comfortably to a patient’s mouth. It is available in four sizes to accommodate every patient, including children, and is designed to hold the tongue back while retracting the cheek to improve visibility to the working surface. DryShield also provides trauma protection. The sides create a safety seal with the palate and floor of the mouth to protect the airway from debris.

Each DryShield mouthpiece size features a matching interchangeable bite block, which gives the patient a firm, yet comfortable place to rest while allowing the dentist to customize DryShield to all mouths. Insertion is also quite simple—just fold, insert, and adapt the mouthpiece to the oral cavity. Patients love DryShield because it efficiently removes saliva, water, and debris from the oral cavity, making for a more comfortable and quicker procedure, and they get to go home sooner.

Imagine excellent isolation within seconds, so you can immediately focus on what you do best. It can be hard to imagine after all those cotton rolls and dry angles. The oral cavity presents so many challenges from the battle with the fighting tongue and staying clear of the tissues to managing the saliva and water, all while maintaining the patient experience. We know how exhausting the never-ending battle can be. DryShield changes everything. It installs in seconds, inserts in seconds, and keeps the area dry and visible. Many of our customers have told us that it transformed how they practice dentistry.

DryShield puts you back in control, allows you to run your schedule more efficiently, and lets you rediscover your love of dentistry again. Our customers are enjoying the two-quadrant dentistry and report a 20% to 30% reduction in chairtime. Many are using DryShield on virtually every procedure, including cleanings, sealants, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and extractions.

Our clinical associates tell us that they can’t live without DryShield and take their portable system to all their offices. DryShield gives you back more of your time to see more patients, do better dentistry, run stress-free operations on time, spend more time with your family, or just enjoy being a dentist again.

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