Inside Dentistry
November 2016
Volume 12, Issue 11

Guaranteed Top-Notch Customized Abutments

Treating Restorative Cases with Quality and Assurance

Trevor Bavar, DDS

Figure 1 | Trevor Bavar, DDS, is the Director of the Continuing Dental Education Program in Dental Implantology at New York University College of Dentistry. He is also a Clinical Professor at New York University College of Dentistry. His private practice in Yonkers, Westchester, New York is devoted to Dental Implantology and Dental Prosthetics. Dr. Bavar performs both the surgical and prosthetic treatment on his patients.

Among the top qualities that I seek for success as a dentist when working with a dental laboratory is communication. It is key for practices and laboratories to work well together and I find that CreoDent Pros­thetics is an excellent laboratory partner with helpful technical support managers to assist me when needed. Their customer service skills are great and I admire their innovative prosthetics. They also frequently invest in new technology and equipment. To see a lab striving to try new technologies helps me stay up-to-date in the modern dental industry, another key for success.

Another thing that doctors are always looking for is consistency. CreoDent has always been consistent and delivered on their promises. Regarding customer service efficiency, I can always reach someone for assistance. They also have a very intuitive website where I can simply place an order, check and pay my invoices. This efficiency and ease of use makes a difference for my practice and any busy practitioner.

One of my favorite products from CreoDent is the Solidex Customized Abutments, which are FDA 510(K) cleared, providing me with peace of mind that I’m using a quality product. These abutments are customized for any clinical implant case, whether you are restoring a single tooth or a multi-unit implant-supported bridge. The individual adaption to the sulcus shape is excellent and the subgingival margins are easier to fabricate because they are customized. With subgingival margins, there is no need to worry about metal structures being visible and the integration of the abutment to the dental arch is ideal and natural to the arch and teeth alignment.

Solidex abutments also create a natural emergence profile. They offer a superior fit of the copings to the abutment, increased crown retention, and an appropriate anatomical shape. Solidex has been the best solution for my implant restorations.

CreoDent is implementing Swiss-Turn Technology for the Solidex abutments. It is my understanding that this will make the abutments more precise. I’m truly looking forward to seeing this new product as soon as possible. 

Another product I really like is the CreoDent CreoClear. I use these as implant temporaries. They can be relined and repaired, which is easy for me and my patients. My patients absolutely love this product because they are light and convenient.

CreoDent delivers the right solutions for any case, but in the event of implant failure after Solidex is placed, CreoDent will refund the cost of the implant and the replacement abutment if the original manufacturer of the implant will not replace it under warranty. This guarantee from CreoDent provides reassurance, and makes me trust the quality products and service.

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