Inside Dentistry
October 2016
Volume 12, Issue 10

Single Use Diamonds

Offer patients prime infection control with confidence

Figure 1 | Darby’s Single Use Dia­monds are individually packaged, pre-sterilized diamond burs that offer both the dental professional and the patient a level of confidence and comfort, combined with the ultimate in infection control. Single use diamonds eliminate the need for cleaning and sterilization procedures, saving valuable production time. Cross contamination is prevented because each bur is available in an individual tear-off pouch in a dispenser box designed for added convenience. As a new, fresh diamond with reliable high-quality performance can be used for each patient and procedure, there is no concern about a diamond losing its grit or sharpness partway through a procedure.

Darby’s gamma sterilized diamond burs are manufactured to international standards from the highest quality stainless steel shanks and natural diamond grit. Their advanced manufacturing process uses a multi-step, multi-layer embedding process that allows the burs to cut better for a longer period of time. Darby Diamond Burs are inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality all the way through the production process and a superior finish every time. The diamond plating is carried out under strictly controlled conditions, which gives a smooth even distribution of diamond, resulting in a concentric balanced bur. The natural diamond particles are controlled in both size and distribution for greater concentricity. This minimizes the vibration and potential damage to your handpiece bearings. Darby’s Single Use Diamond Burs are available in a broad range of sizes and grits to effectively cover every essential dental procedure. Each individual pouch is clearly labeled with the diamond number, description, and grit size for ease-of-use.

As is the case with every Darby brand product, Darby Single Use Diamonds can be used with absolute confidence, delivering consistently superior performance every time.

“Our dental practice has been using Darby brand Single Use Diamonds for over a year now. We can honestly say we can’t find any other bur that beats the quality and price of these single use diamonds. All our dentists in our practice use them on a daily basis and love the convenience and high quality of these individual packaged, gamma sterilized burs,” said Dennis Coyle, DDS, from Madison, New Jersey.

Since 1948, thousands of dentists nationwide have relied on Darby Dental as one of the leading distributors of dental supplies because they still offer the same “one customer at a time” service upon which the company was built. While one goal is supplying dental products in a timely fashion, Darby also helps customers reduce supply costs, increase cash flow, minimize administrative expenses, and improve inventory management by providing an extensive, reliable, and affordably priced product line with unique and innovative services.

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